Wednesday 29 September 2010

The Messy Scale and WOYWW

Good morning to you all 
Happy WOYWW day to you 

Now if you are not sure what I am on about and would like to know more then pop over to see the creator of the WOYWW, who is the wonderful Julia at The Stamping Ground

Now first of all I would like to say thank you to Sue for linking me last week, you are an angel hun  and  apologies about last week and not getting back to some of you, but thank you all for your wishes and just to let you know all is well.

So onto this week, well my desk is pretty tidy, just a few bits of prep for a couple of DT bits in the head but not yet moving on them, and that would be down the extra mess in the downstairs bathroom

Here is the cleanish 0.5/10 on the messy scale work area
followed by the 10/10 in the bathroom.  Hope you can see it but if you can't imagine this.  My son offered to sand down the wood paneling in the bathroom, ready for a spritz of decorating.  Yes the sawdust is every where, so pleased we have an upstairs loo.  Dust gets in every little hole.  It will look fab when done I am sure!
The Messy Scale
So onto last weeks messy scale, where do you think you were in comparison to all of the others who rate themselves on the messy scale.  I was unable to rate myself last week but these are the lovely people who did.  Remember 0/10 is squeaky clean and 10/10 pure creative genius mess

So at number 1/10 is Elizabeth and Bleubeard
followed fractionally by 1.5/10 Sue
Heather crept in at 2/10
whilst Brenda was a comfortable 3/10
at 4/10 Jozarty 
and middle for diddle was Anne with 5/10
6/10 was Carola
and just ahead with 7/10 was Carolynne
just a smidgen in it at 7.5/10 was Sunshine Girl
and our Wipso was at 8/10
Andrea nudged it with a 8.5/10 and 
there was a bit of a tussle between 9/10 Helen
and our own Julia at 10/10

Well that is me for today, and thank you to all those lovely visitors who take the time to leave a comment so I can hop over to see you too.
Just a reminder that very shortly  I will be the very first Spotlight Guest Designer for 

The Dragon's Den.  So do hope you will pop over and see what I have been busy creating for them, I have really enjoyed working with their creations.


the creations will also be on their page at  Crafter's Digital Art Center (CDAC).  Now if you are not a member it is a free sign up, so you will need to sign up first.  This is a great place to get ideas and for those who use digital images places to enter challenges.  It's basically a great source of information.

coming soon will be the store forum so keep watching and I will link these details shortly

I am so so so excited, only a few more days to go

so think that is me for today other than to say have a great day and enjoy your blog hopping to see all
those messy work desks

happy snooping
Kate xx


Kate said...

Very tidy (not the bathroom , the craft bit). I am usually an undeniable 10/10 but the little corner I am displaying today could only be a 5!

** Kate **

Unknown said...

Good Luck with the whole spotlight designer thing and I LOVE the snow in your bathroom ... how romantic :0)

Annie said...

I'm chuckling at me getting a 8/10 on your messy scale....I wonder what you would have given me over the last weekend when I was up to my ears in brick dust :-)
A x

Sue said...

Hi ya hun
no probs at all, lovely tidy desk, good luck with the bathroom, im off the scale today as no desk on show! lol,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x

Helen said...

I really think you shouldn't grade me any more, cos it isn't going to get any better!! Like your snow effects.

Mandy said...

It's so lovely and tidy Kate, and your bathroom will look wonderful when it's done. Decorating seems to take forever and if your house is anything like my it's not just the room you are decorating that looks trashed somehow it's the whole flipping house which drives me nuts lol
hugs Mandy xx

Tracy Evans said...

What a gorgeous tidy desk. Your bathroom will look fantastic when it's finished. It's that time of year when we all start to thing about re-decorating. Have a good day, Tracy Evans (18).

Rosie said...

That's the tidiest, lovliest craft space I've seen in some time, so well done you! I don't subscribe to the "mess is good" thing, even though I seem to be learning to do it quite well ... (58)

Katie said...

Wonderful worksapce! I would have to rate mine a 3 today. :)

Katie (83)

Cauliflower Cupcake said...

You've got some great space there. Don't worry about the bathroom - just shut the door and enjoy a bit of crafting. It'll look great when its all finished.
rebecca # 61

oneoff said...

I love that vast expanse of empty desk, ready and waiting for some fun. Some day my prince of the clear desk will come...

Kyla said...

love your messy scale!

Louise said...

Creativity in the loo - whatever next!!!!

Daniele said...

looks tidy to me like the idea of your messy scale ...great fun

Julia Dunnit said...

Good grief that is tidy! I truly hope that when the ideas for DT stuff come out of your head that you actuall y make a bit more mess! Never thought I'd be wishing that on anyone!

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

That's the problem with remodels. They always leave dust. But it was sweet of your son to do that, and just think how great it will look when you are finished.

I'm a 2 this week. My drawers need a good reorganizing, and that one still won't close. Happy WOYWW from #1.

Sheila said...

I would rate myself 11.5/10!! That messy indeed. Quite jealous of your clean craft space. Don't get me started on the bathroom.

Zue said...

I agree with 'cauliflower cupcake', close the bathroom door and keep on doing what you love.

Sue xx 15

Anonymous said...

Lovely tidy desk as usual Kate, but the floor is starting to concern me! I hate the mess you get in the house when decorating but the results will be worth it. As to the scale, I really think I fell off the bottom last week as I was so tidy, this week is probably deserving of a 3/10, especially as I've shown you the mess piled up behind me this time!!


Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Ok, 0.5 for the desk but what about the floor! LOL
Thanks for linking me last week :-Think my desk is 5/10 or maybe 6/10 this week
Anne xx

The Taming of the Glue said...

Hope the bathroom gets finished soon then you'll have a 0/10!
Pam (12)

Sunshine Girl said...

Very tidy desk there - congratulations on all your DT work. I am a lot tidier this week - probably a 3 or 4!! thanks for sharing - Sunshine Girl (29)

Neet said...

What a tidy desk you have this week. Can't say the same about the bathroom though LOL.

Candace said...

very tidy craft space
Hugs Candace #86

nerllybird said...

In our house that would be a tidy bathroom. Wouldn't want dust in my holes, tho. Dragon's Den sounds interesting, hope to take a look shortly! Helen (16)

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