Saturday 25 April 2009

Front Page of Little Scrap Book

Wow, what a week and each night I did just a little of my scrap book as it needed alot of drying time. I borrowed this idea from another blog and love the way it has turned out. I got some lovely soft effect paper in white and pink from the hobby house, along with two types of flowers and some lovely white feathers. I started by creating a template of the front page and then used the template to cut out the white surface. I then created two templates for the pink areas and again cut these out. One night I glued the white area onto the front of the folder and the following night the pink on top of this.

Once well dry I added my faux stitching to make it look like a material front. I then cut a circle out for the base of the embelishment, I cut the feathers down and glued these around the circle, again more drying time. I then started with a large white flower, then a dark pink slightly smaller, then a pale pink the same size. I ofset them so the colours showed through and gave it the depth look. On top of this I added a smaller flower in pink and finally an even smaller one in white. Finishing off with a decorative silver and pink flower brad. I made sure that it was all dry before attaching with glue to the centre of the front of the folder. Most effective and worth all the time spent on it.

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