Saturday 25 April 2009

Baby Girl Card for Lindz

For those of you present Polly on my little spend at running with scissors this morning, here is what it was all for. I used my teabag square punch to punch out 9 different colour squares, 3 of each. I then placed these so that one of each square was on each row and that non were touching. I then used my embelishments from running with scissors and selected three of the better ones, I placed yellow ones on pink squares and pink ones on yellow coloured squares. I had to move them around so that the embelishments ran diaganol down the page. I glued these to a blank white card and made sure that the spacing was the same all around. I then trimmed the white card to the same spacing. I used my Tim Holt distresss ink and the tip from Tracey and used the rose to edge the white card with the pink. I then folded a piece of large card in half and placed the new creation on the top, trimming the card to the same spacing.

Love it...................... just need to find an envelope to fit it, any ideas anyone.

oh and they are back from fishing and my son won out of the two of them and came second in the match, he is well made up.


Paper Paradise said...

Found you via Polly's blog. Keep up the blogging, it's looking good! See you Saturday.
Sue x

The Dolphin Inn said...

Hi Kate, just found you via Sues blog, loving your cards, see you saturday XXX

downrightcrafty said...

thanks ladies cya both tomorrow xx

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