Saturday 3 October 2009

New Look Blog - A big thank you

Having not got to my craft room today, as early this morning just after blogging my cricket bat and ball page, I sort of decided to pimp my blog site. Spent ages searching for a suitable template and finally found this one. Although it was easy to upload I ended up trying for several hours to sort out a problem. In the end I had to visit Polly "Artfulwings" and ask Steve if he could assist. Steve sorted out my problem and another little issue. Now all is well.

Big thank you to Steve for your expertise and kindness in resolving my problem.

Thank you very very very very very much. Oh it was lovely to see Polly again also and the coffee was lovely.

Kate xxxxx

1 comment:

sam21ski said...

WOW Kate, love the new layout and colour scheme you've chosen for your blog. No need to apologise in advance although I did think I might be entering the PINK Zone, but no green (my fave colour) and purple compliment each other very well xxxxx

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