Sunday 31 January 2010

Wedding Memory Box

Good evening all

Yesterday I popped to the Hobby House to see if I could get a little inspiration for an idea that I had in my head for the Let's Get Shabby Challenge 8.  Unfortunately I did not get any inspiration and only spent a few pennies.

Matt (my hubby) and I met in the age of technology where every day we would text each other, love notes.  We never actually wrote anything down and my very first valentine gift was a delivered teddy with someone else's hand writing on it.  So I do not actually have anything in the home that sort of constitutes a love letter or note from Matt to me or from me to Matt.  There was my dilemma..................... 

So I think I started thinking a little out of the box (way out actually) a love note could in fact be a note from a love song on a music score and that maybe if I could find my cast iron recipe book holder (horrid thing) I could sort of convert this into a music stand and play around with this........................... Could not find the book holder and no music scores at the Hobby House, so that idea did not go very far.

I was cleaning in the house and found a silver metalwork casket, it had arrived as a gift at some point with red candles in it.  I had placed it on top of the radiator and forgotten about it.  As I picked it up the candles had melted around the base metal.  Mike (my son), kindly cleaned it off for me.  So what could I do with this uninviting silver metal casket box?

Returning to my craft hut thinking where I could go next with this, whilst tidying up and having a move around, having coffee in the kitchen with Matt, picking his brain and thoughts for inspiration..................... and then I had it.  I needed to find the box I kept from our wedding. (The one that contains the button holes from the boys and Matt, the floral arrangement from the hair do..... the false nails (yuk), the bits I made to put on the front of the cream shoes and bits from the cake (still with icing on them), the cards etc.

Now last time I remember seeing this was I believed when Matt and I rearranged the walk in wardrobe in our bedroom.  The one that contains all my clothes  and numerous shoes.  I thought I had put it in the top cupboards over the bed..............No.  Matt thought it might be in the draws under the bed..............No.  Not in the big loft and the only other place is the little loft that I tidied whilst creating the Beach Hut, however I could not remember seeing it there................................

So after moving the stacker boxes to get to the small loft door, I tried to open it. Oh No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had glossed it shut.  So I got my little crafting hammer and hit the latch and then used the soft hammer end to hit the door till it became free.  I then entered the little loft (no light, so I had to feel my way) and ta da da dar................. there it was.  I then tried to shut the door and oh no that was just not going to happen either.  Matt got a wire coat hanger and we made a loop so we could slam it shut.  Finally with all the bits back in place.  Matt and I could open the box.

Matt and I slowly went through every card and evening invitation reply, we read all the notes and picked up all the little hanging gifts. It was a really nice half an hour.

So I had a metal casket box and a box that was "10 years old" and filled with memories. I decided to create something with a purpose that I could actually put on show and be proud of.  A Wedding Memory Box and in the old memories box was a hand written note with a receipt for the wedding outfits for Matt and the boys.............. wow, finally I had my creative thought.

I have spent several days, roughing up the original metal, and layering the base coats and the top cream coat, before painting with a wet wipe and putting the gold on the metal.  I then spent another few days trying to create an inner box for the casket, which I then added lace to the top and bottom and distressed with Tim Holtz vintage photo.  I placed lace in the box at the bottom and carefully placed a few of the items in the box.  A lovely wooden rolling pin, a garter (yes the music box still played the wedding march after 10+ years), some of the button hole white roses with their ivy leaves and some of the pearl sprays and finally the wedding outfit order and receipt.  I then took the hair flower spray and attached this across the casket lid and added a few of the wedding cake memory bits to the outside of the box along with a velum quote from a K & Co pack.

I really like this one and will place it in a noticeable place where people can now see it and love it as Matt and I do.

So I am entering this into "Let's Get Shabby Challenge 8" one of the most challenging and inspirational sites I visit - Who required the following:

Well it's all about those heart-string tugging letters, child notes, vintage war loves
lost and won etc etc....these are just examples!!

Whatever you chose, your creation must contain a letter/s or note/s that you've
written or been written by you or others living or passed.

Put your

Shabby Valentine style

into a wonderful creation!!

and here is mine........................

The overall view

Inside the box - showing the memories and the wedding day order.............
A little closer, there is that singing garter with the blue ribbon and the white rose.
A close up of the hair flowers now nicely draped over the casket lid, and the bells and bows cake decoration with the double dove and ring cake decoration and the K & Co velum sentiment.
A close up of the shoe decor, these were small floral embellishments of the time with ribbon and bead chain, glued to a cheap pearl earing, so that they clipped on the front of the cream stiletto shoe.
The front of the box showing the distressed lace and the cake decor horse shoe.
A few more close ups, the coloring on the flowers is actually age on these.
 One last final look at the overall little metal casket.

I really enjoyed doing this.

I have been adding bit by bit to this post whilst watching "Dancing on Ice" so I hope it makes sense.

Thank you all for visiting and leaving such lovely comments recently

take care

Hugs Kate xx


Friday 29 January 2010

WOJ meets ABC Xmas and Copics via the Pixie Cottage

Good evening everyone

Well the National Grid Gas men have left us for the weekend, however due to return on Monday to continue with the total wrecking of the lives of the whole of those living in our little crescent, including ours.  I still have a hole outside the door, the other side of the fence and a covered one at the end of the driveway.

So to cheer myself up just a smidgen, I created this little easel card to meet the following challenges

ABC Christmas - C is for Candy and the extra is Pink

So here is the card

Made with some lovely Bo Bunny paper and some hammered green card from the Hobby House.  Pearls from the Hobby House, Ribbon from Tilly's, stamp I am not sure where I picked this up from.  Large flower from Hobby Craft, smaller floral additions from either Tickerty Boo or Trotters (Wilton Rd, Industrial Estate, Gy).  Leaves from a set from Hobby House and inner sentiment is MSE.  Stickles and liquid applique to give it the Xmas feel.

A close up of the floral embellishment

The inner return

The close up of the copic coloured Whiff of Joy - Henry Mouse image

Well up early tomorrow to get the housework done and to do some retail therapy with some crafting buddies at The Hobby House, which is back open tomorrow at 10 am.  See you there if your local.....

Enjoy the rest of your evening and maybe tomorrow I will be able to play with some new purchases.

chow for now

hugs Kate x

Thursday 28 January 2010

A busy stressful week, but an award to cheer me up

Hi all

sorry to not be posting a new card, I still need to do this weeks Xmas card and wanted to get my thought into the ABC challenge, so will still try heading that way.  

The reason for no action in the creativity department is the National Grid men again.  Came home from a very long meeting in Birmingham to no gas and what looked like a bomb had hit in the kitchen.  

Thank heavens for Burger King is all I can say.

The upside of my bad day/week was coming home from the meeting to read the updates in blogland, and to be nicely surprised to have been placed top 3 at the Pixie Cottage.


So tonight I am going for a much needed relaxing bath and with a bit of luck, if I do not feel tired after it, I will head up to the beach hut

hugs to you all and especially the Pixie Cottage Design Team for giving me the weekly boost that I needed

thank you
Kate x

Sunday 24 January 2010

WinterWonderland Magnolia meets copics xmas card

Good evening to all of my followers, including my new lady, your back, it is such a relief.  

If you are wondering how or why, well could be one of two things.  I use Mozilla Firefox and it had recently had an update.  So I installed the newest version, this did not appear to help, so I then decided to restore the computer back to new years day, whoop whoop that worked and hello to you all.  Thank you for those of you who let me know that you could see them.

Went out for tea last night with a lovely group of people and really enjoyed ourselves again.  Returned to the house watched a couple of really good movies and pigged out on a large box of Ferrero  Collection. 

Today popped out to get the pup her tins of meat and some more treats and came home with a new toaster, another storage stack unit and a small sewing machine :)))))))) can't wait to play.

So shall be having tea shortly but thought I would post this before I do.  (Sam, just in case you were worried) This is this weeks Xmas card and I am entering this into a great site for reminding us to get on with our Xmas creations.

So here is the card

The papers are MME, good old nesties, liquid pearls, my favorite magnolia stamp for Xmas to date, the lace from Boy's and if you look close although it is not as deep as I think the sketch required it to be, I think they look like Xmas trees and bling swirls from Hobby House. 

A close up of the image and the floral embellishment

A close up of the sentiment and more florals

and for Sue and Polly, this is what I bought from Ruitong in Bridlington, (a porcupine), will try use it soon.

Well off to watch Dancing on Ice and chill (pardon the pun) out.

Take care of each other and happy crafting

hugs Kate x

Friday 22 January 2010

Easel Valentine with Magnolia meeting Copics

Good evening everyone 
and welcome to my new followers 
- who I know I have but currently cannot see???????????????????????? (I am sure this will resolve itself in it's own time)

I was not feeling to good this morning so took a pain killer and headed back to bed, to be woken at 9am by the National Grid (Gas) man.  Who wanted to see my gas meter.  (oh what a thrill you might think - Not)  As my house is the same age as me, the National Grid bods, have decided that the pipework down our street requires replacing - to avoid gasing us in the future  - I presume.  However, drilling with a pneumatic drill at 9.15am and 9.30 am, did not thrill me. (after drilling the wrong hole in the first place - they located a pipe, they said, no it was electricity cables) the hole is smack in the middle of my drive at the end of it. So the long story is, I did not sleep through to the getting better stage :(((((((((((

About 3.30pm I started to feel a little fed up, I do not do sick days at all well, I get bored to easy and can not sit still.  So went up to the "Beach Hut" and started work on a card, whilst watching the little gas bods drilling more holes up the street.  My son Mike helped me figure out increasing an easel template to fit my needs and then he created me an exploding box template to fit A4 card, he is lovely and I can tell he is bored of not having a job, helping me, to amuse himself.

Anyway enough of that this easel card I really enjoyed doing and I am entering into multiple challenges, so here goes

Just Magnolia - a sketch - (I have mirrored this to enable my choice of stamps to be used)

Cardvarks - A Red Heart (this is a new challenge site for me)

Magnolia Down Under - Valentines (one of my favourite challenge sites)

So here is the card

The mono chrome paper = Papermania capsule collection, Mono Paperpack by Tina Higgins - Tilly's

Magnolia stamps (thanks to Polly for allowing me to stamp them - when mine still have not arrived)
Roses and lace from Boy's in Grimsby

Ribbon from Tilly's 
Pearls from Hobby House

A close up of the paper (it is delicious)

The Red (Magnolia) Heart, not sure where the sentiment stamp is from....

The lace and punching

The florals and close up of the copic coloured image on my old style comic board
Copics = W3,W5,W7, R27,R29,R37, E50,E51,E53,E43,E33,E35, E00,E02 & E21


and finally the inner - sentiment is MSE

Oh needed to mention, did my winning shop and spent my winnings and the same again and then some on top, can't wait for it to arrive to play.  Fab site for shopping Simons says stamp, will definately be going there again, in the not tooooooooo distant future.

My son is cooking this evening, so I am going to eat.

Thanks for looking and for your recent kind comments

cya tomorrow

Hugs Kate xx

Help - I only have 20 Followers but where are they ???????????????????


really silly question, or it may not be......................... over night my followers have dissappeared.  Has this happened to any one else????

Can you see the followers (I can see the word, not the pictures)

Do we know what the problem is or how can we fix this????

Hope someone has a really easy answer

hugs kate x

Wednesday 20 January 2010

House Mouse meets copics Baby Boy Unusual Arrival Card

hello again

Yesterday tea time I answered our house phone to our dear friend Chris, nothing unusual there you may think, until he said that "she was in"  I asked if she had gone on her own and the silly fool said "no I drove her there."  I had meant had she gone into labour naturally, he had already lost the plot by then.  Channie had been in hospital most of the day, he said "he had come home to tidy up."  Two hours later, he called again and ........................

Owen Tony had arrived weighing 5lb 8oz and 4 weeks early.  

Hence had to push myself into the craft room as soon as I came home this evening to create something special for a lovely family.  I bet Kyle cannot wait to see his new little brother.        

Congratulations to the young family ..............

Today whilst in one of those meetings that you have done everything you need to do, and have nothing left to do but cannot leave.  I checked my phones that were on silent and had missed a call on my personal mobile.  However, the kind person had left me a text message.  The message informed me that I had been picked as the winner of the lovely prize on Simon Says Stamp - The Shabby Chic Challenge.  My instant response was "never" of which the reply was "laughs yep", unable to get a signal for sometime, really did not believe it.  But knew the person would not wind me up.  

Don't you just hate it when you cannot go mobile blogging..........................and that you can't get home from work quick enough to check it out.  

Don't you also hate it when you forget to turn off your phone at the right times and have to whisper down the phone (no that was not me.................) but whilst trying to call the person concerned to tell her I had actually seen it - she whispers really well.  I would assume she has done that many times and bet she went bright red as everyone looked at her :)))    well I was so excited to call her and apologise for not answering her calls, you can't blame me......................

Any way before I bore you all here is the little creation for Owen Tony and his new family.  No challenges on this one as wanted it to come from the heart.....................

The card

As promised 
Copics used are E50,E51,E53,E43,BG10,B00,BV000,B23 and C1
Image is House Mouse "Baby Shoes"
Papers are DCWV the Luxury Stack
Pearls and gorgeous brads (not adapted with copics on this occasion) from the Hobby House.

The floral bit

The close up of the copic coloured house mouse image - wow (this was one of my treats from the shopping spree in Tilly's........     

Well my husband Matt, was searching for sentiments for this card and found this lovely poem, there were several crafty offerings on this site verses4cards  this one imparticular caught my eye, I will leave you contemplating this one whilst I go searching on Simon Says Stamps to spend my winning voucher. Hugs Kate xx

She learned to stamp on Monday
her embossing was quite fine.
She forgot to set out dinner....
so away out we went to dine.

She brayered backgrounds Tuesday
she says they are a must....
they really are quite lovely
but there was no time to dust.

On Wednesday it was birthday cards
she claims that chalking's fun
shading, blending and water-colouring
but the laundry wasn't done.

Her card swap was on Thursday
she had to use green, blue and red,
it was obvious she was really engrossed
when she failed to make the bed.

It was Shaker cards on Friday
using techniques that she just adores,
what a pity she then failed to notice
the crumbs dropped all over the floors.

I found a maid on Saturday!
My week is now complete
my wife can stamp her hours away
and the house will still be neat.

Well, already it is Sunday
and my forehead's feeling damp
cos I've cursed, and raved and ranted
for the Maid has learned to stamp!!

Submitted to verses4cards by Jane

I loved it hope you did.......................................................... 

Kate x

Sunday 17 January 2010

Penny Black Cute Bear and Copics Card


Well after yesterday's marathon posting, do not think this one will be as big.  I am in the middle of cooking Sunday dinner and catching up on the housework that did not get done yesterday. Oh poo never mind, I did manage to get this cute little creation done.

Here is a card that I have entered into the following challenges

Sugar Bowl 

oops - it does not meet the Sugar Bowl Challenge - please ignore my entry..........

The stamp is from Penny Black called Raining daisy's, the papers are from Tilly's, by Melissa Frances.  Yesterday's paper by the way was called "Susan" and today's is "Carol Ann" just gorgeous.  The dictionary paper is by 7Gypsies and is the Angelo variety stack and I distressed with Tim Holtz vintage photo.

The close up of the floral embelishment

and of course the close up of the copic coloured image, new paper again. I have been asked if I would start letting you know the copic colours I use, so in future will try to do this.

and finally I did manage to get just a little more done to my DIY brooch.

here is the progress, see if you can spot the bits I did today.

chow for now

Kate xx

Saturday 16 January 2010

Shabby Chic, Pink and Grey Magnolia Thank you Card

Good evening all, and I hope your day was as pleasant as mine.(hehehehehehehehee)

Well mine was due to the following reasons, (Sue - you will just love this) decided to go out today and vist Immingham.  Why you ask go to Immingham, well I went to a wee craft shop called "Tilly's".  As we parked up outside this massive white and black sign just shouted at me "SALE" whoop whoop, you have never seen me move so quick, Matt was just a smidgen behind me (think he was running to get out of the rain though).  

Started at one side of the shop and worked my way around each little nook and cranny, picking up lots of wonderful bargains and a huge pad of 12 x 12 My Minds Eye papers (xmas) wow they are so vintagy and gorgeous and I also (drummmmmmmmmm rollllll)  picked up one large and one small House Mouse stamp, so no need to order on line this week. FAB..

After spending soooooooooooooooo long in there, we gradually headed back to Grimsby to "Boy's" - now your thinking - off she goes again, ribbons and lace etc (and you would be right) but we actually went in to buy a fishing present for a friend - trying to keep ahead of the game this year.  

We left there and I called a friend for a possible coffee stop before heading home to play......... she informed me that "Grimsby Crafts" had a sale on, and as she was too busy stealing 12 x 12 size samples of wall paper, Matt headed off that way and low and behold we ended up in there tooooooooooooooooooooo.  

It took me all afternoon to put away all the bargains, very little crafting has been done. (Thanks Polly for being too busy for that coffee)Now Sue I know you are smiling to yourself............................................and Polly is phsl.................................... xx

Anyway enough of all of that.  Today I have created a Shabby Chic Thank You Card which I am entering into three challenges

Here is the card

This paper I got from Tilly's isn't it gorgeously pastel and floral, great for that shabby chic style.  I used my Tim Holtz vintage photo to distress the edges and my doily punch for that delicate addition.  The lace is from Boy's (last shop not this one).

The close up of the floral embelishments (Ribbon from Tilly's)

and as always the close up of the copic coloured and blended (old comic board) image (thank you Polly for allowing me to stamp the new releases from Magnolia)..... I painstakingly cut her out so she would just perch her pert little bottom on the top of the ribbon.


 She looks quite plumpish young lady on here.....(Now that reminds me of the film "Love Actually", I bet she had a great chocolate eating xmas, then that would explain it the plumpness.

Well going to wash up, I know that that sounds normal to most.  Just explaining, that I appear to be having a bad run on the white goods appliances since xmas and now the dishwasher is waiting for the repair man. So I am now doing the "hands that do dishes" advert, trying to avoid the rubber gloves, although I have to say those one use gloves are fab for distressing - my hands do not have any stain on them this time.

So off to play with the bubbles..............................till tomorrow

Hugs Kate xxxx

Friday 15 January 2010

"Chocolate Decadence" Happy Hoppers meets copics Birthday Card

Good evening everyone


(ooooooooooooooooooo can order some more stamps tonight on my savings for not smoking for the week, little mouses/rabbits here I come...........) 

Isn't it nice that it is the end of the week again, and we get the weekend off work, so more time to be creative.  I created this little number yesterday, but my eyes got a little tired and I did not wish to spoil the introduction to you all, of my second new stamp.  This is "Hop-it" isn't he gorgeous. Well I suppose not if you consider he is stuffing his face, which is exactly what I feel like doing at the moment.  Unfortunately I do not have any chocolate left from xmas so my luck is out for now..................................

I am entering this card into several challenges - obviously I think he warrants it and he is very special.  Or she? do you think I am being sexist.......................... ok he/she or the rabbit...

Colour Create Challenge 36 - Kraft, Blue and White - A tough one and the extra is texture, I did embossing.


I used papermania paper for the beige script element of the colours required. The white I embossed using the cuttlebug to pick up the texture requirement.  The blue is the base and through out running colour.  The flowers from Hobby Craft and the bling and pearls ascending in size from the Hobby House.

So here it is

A close up of the floral arrangement again.........................

and the ever necessary close up of the coloured image, picking up the colours from the card, again this is on the new paper.  I am doing that persevering thing and think I am getting there, however still do prefer my board. I have to say I am still addicted to copics....

Well I am off to have more fun in the "Beach Hut", but before I go I would like to say hello and welcome, to my little blog world, to my two new followers. 

chow for now 

hugs Kate x

Tuesday 12 January 2010

"Egg-Cellent Shot" House Mouse meets copics Easter Card

Hi again

Drrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmmm rollllllllllllllll pls .............................................................   .................................................................................................. ta da da dar!!

Mr Postie delivered me very quickly, which arrived yesterday, two of the most gorgeous stamps ever. I have totally fallen in love with the little critters after seeing them used by Joey.  These stamps are
by House Mouse ©Stampabilities®  ©2009 House-Mouse Designs, Inc. and this particular stamp is called House Mouse "Egg-Cellent Shot" what a fab title but wait till you see the image. The other one will follow in another post, but it is made by the same people.

I am entering (oh go on scroll down, if you must!! - you can always come back to this point).  As I was saying then, I am entering this card into the

The papers I have used I do not know where I got them from, but I love the whole stack, removed the plastic and lost the label.  I have rotated the sketch and added a flower plus the other bits, as it looked a little bare without it.

So here it is........................................... and meet my new friends on this stamp, Muzzy & Maxwell.

here is the close up of the floral bit

and as always the close up of the copic coloured image using the new paper which I have to say although it is not my favourite I am getting on better with.

So after all that build up........................................what do you think.  Look at those cute little critters and hey don't you just remember those sugar coated chocolate eggs......................... Must play this game with Matt at Easter, although do not think I will be that good a shot...............

Next one to follow tomorrow, so see you back here then

thanks for looking, hope I did not disappoint and thank you all for those lovely comments recently..

Hugs Kate x

Monday 11 January 2010

wait a minute Mr. postman - Wai-ai-ai-ait Mr. postman

Mr. postman look and see (oh yeah)
You got a letter in your bag for me (please please Mr. po-o-o-stman)
I've been waiting such a long time (oh yeah)

not really....................................... no card tonight, just wanted to say that my new stamps have already arrived, fantastic service.  Can't wait till tomorrow now so that I can go create a gorgeous card with at least one of them. Whoop Whoop roll on tomorrow........................

and just a little note - I got a top 5 mention on the Cupcake Challenge, just sooooooooooooooooo excited, I am really feeling the love for this week, so far....

back tomorrow hopefully with a new stamp creation to show you.

Take care

Hugs Kate x

Sunday 10 January 2010

Magnolia Xmas Card meets copics

Good late afternoon to you all 
hope your Sunday has been as relaxing as mine.

I did do the ironing but not instead of the brooch but as well as the brooch.  I also made a double challenge card and I am pleased with myself that I have made yet another xmas card (Sam - keeping to the promise I made myself :) )

So here is the little bit I did for the brooch, (Polly I am sorry, just no comparison to your lovely pieces of work)

This is the card which I am entering into the 

Friday Sketchers Challenge 48 - This sketch I had seen before in my Magnolia Ink Magazine, loved it and adapted it before and slightly adapted again for this slightly larger card.

The overall card (inside matches)

The papers are from the Hobby House along with the card stock and pearls, the ribbon from my stash.  I used the cuttlebug nesties for the image platform and an emboss and die snowflake shape for the base of the flower.  The punches used are all from the Hobby House.  The pleating was fun, but does not show off it's true interest by the placement according to the sketch.  May have to use it again to better effect on another card.

The close up of the floral embelishment

Here is the close up of the copic coloured image on the new paper, still not liking it but will persevere with it for a while.  For those of you who have asked what the problem is, I will try to explain

The new stuff is lovely soft smooth and fine paper and does not necessarily drain the ink from the pen, 
however when I work on my comic book art board, as I layer the ink colours for the shading it actually blends the edges together and sort of all sinks to one level on or in the paper.  This new stuff well the first colour sinks into sort of the paper but the second colour sits on top and then the third sits on top of that so when you try to blend with the first colour it just sort of smudges the colour around instead of fading the darker to the lighter.............
hope that that makes sense

Back to work tomorrow, so I am going to have a lovely long relaxing bath and watch Dancing on Ice

Take care and thanks for browsing

Hugs Kate x

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