Sunday 31 January 2010

Wedding Memory Box

Good evening all

Yesterday I popped to the Hobby House to see if I could get a little inspiration for an idea that I had in my head for the Let's Get Shabby Challenge 8.  Unfortunately I did not get any inspiration and only spent a few pennies.

Matt (my hubby) and I met in the age of technology where every day we would text each other, love notes.  We never actually wrote anything down and my very first valentine gift was a delivered teddy with someone else's hand writing on it.  So I do not actually have anything in the home that sort of constitutes a love letter or note from Matt to me or from me to Matt.  There was my dilemma..................... 

So I think I started thinking a little out of the box (way out actually) a love note could in fact be a note from a love song on a music score and that maybe if I could find my cast iron recipe book holder (horrid thing) I could sort of convert this into a music stand and play around with this........................... Could not find the book holder and no music scores at the Hobby House, so that idea did not go very far.

I was cleaning in the house and found a silver metalwork casket, it had arrived as a gift at some point with red candles in it.  I had placed it on top of the radiator and forgotten about it.  As I picked it up the candles had melted around the base metal.  Mike (my son), kindly cleaned it off for me.  So what could I do with this uninviting silver metal casket box?

Returning to my craft hut thinking where I could go next with this, whilst tidying up and having a move around, having coffee in the kitchen with Matt, picking his brain and thoughts for inspiration..................... and then I had it.  I needed to find the box I kept from our wedding. (The one that contains the button holes from the boys and Matt, the floral arrangement from the hair do..... the false nails (yuk), the bits I made to put on the front of the cream shoes and bits from the cake (still with icing on them), the cards etc.

Now last time I remember seeing this was I believed when Matt and I rearranged the walk in wardrobe in our bedroom.  The one that contains all my clothes  and numerous shoes.  I thought I had put it in the top cupboards over the bed..............No.  Matt thought it might be in the draws under the bed..............No.  Not in the big loft and the only other place is the little loft that I tidied whilst creating the Beach Hut, however I could not remember seeing it there................................

So after moving the stacker boxes to get to the small loft door, I tried to open it. Oh No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had glossed it shut.  So I got my little crafting hammer and hit the latch and then used the soft hammer end to hit the door till it became free.  I then entered the little loft (no light, so I had to feel my way) and ta da da dar................. there it was.  I then tried to shut the door and oh no that was just not going to happen either.  Matt got a wire coat hanger and we made a loop so we could slam it shut.  Finally with all the bits back in place.  Matt and I could open the box.

Matt and I slowly went through every card and evening invitation reply, we read all the notes and picked up all the little hanging gifts. It was a really nice half an hour.

So I had a metal casket box and a box that was "10 years old" and filled with memories. I decided to create something with a purpose that I could actually put on show and be proud of.  A Wedding Memory Box and in the old memories box was a hand written note with a receipt for the wedding outfits for Matt and the boys.............. wow, finally I had my creative thought.

I have spent several days, roughing up the original metal, and layering the base coats and the top cream coat, before painting with a wet wipe and putting the gold on the metal.  I then spent another few days trying to create an inner box for the casket, which I then added lace to the top and bottom and distressed with Tim Holtz vintage photo.  I placed lace in the box at the bottom and carefully placed a few of the items in the box.  A lovely wooden rolling pin, a garter (yes the music box still played the wedding march after 10+ years), some of the button hole white roses with their ivy leaves and some of the pearl sprays and finally the wedding outfit order and receipt.  I then took the hair flower spray and attached this across the casket lid and added a few of the wedding cake memory bits to the outside of the box along with a velum quote from a K & Co pack.

I really like this one and will place it in a noticeable place where people can now see it and love it as Matt and I do.

So I am entering this into "Let's Get Shabby Challenge 8" one of the most challenging and inspirational sites I visit - Who required the following:

Well it's all about those heart-string tugging letters, child notes, vintage war loves
lost and won etc etc....these are just examples!!

Whatever you chose, your creation must contain a letter/s or note/s that you've
written or been written by you or others living or passed.

Put your

Shabby Valentine style

into a wonderful creation!!

and here is mine........................

The overall view

Inside the box - showing the memories and the wedding day order.............
A little closer, there is that singing garter with the blue ribbon and the white rose.
A close up of the hair flowers now nicely draped over the casket lid, and the bells and bows cake decoration with the double dove and ring cake decoration and the K & Co velum sentiment.
A close up of the shoe decor, these were small floral embellishments of the time with ribbon and bead chain, glued to a cheap pearl earing, so that they clipped on the front of the cream stiletto shoe.
The front of the box showing the distressed lace and the cake decor horse shoe.
A few more close ups, the coloring on the flowers is actually age on these.
 One last final look at the overall little metal casket.

I really enjoyed doing this.

I have been adding bit by bit to this post whilst watching "Dancing on Ice" so I hope it makes sense.

Thank you all for visiting and leaving such lovely comments recently

take care

Hugs Kate xx



Paper Paradise said...

Aw Kate you must be so proud of this absolutely...... well and truly....... fandabbi doozy creation!!!!!! I just LOVE IT so much and think it's one of the nicest things you have made to date, (and you've done some lovely stuff)! It fits perfectly in with the challenge! Just lovely! x

Julie said...

Wowser Kate this is amazing I totally love it. Thanks ever so much for playing along with us at shabby and sharing the story behind it.

Deb said...

This is sooooo beautiful. Totally gorgeous and very special.

Joey said...

Oh mY Goodness Kate your hubby will absolutely adore this gift especially for the sentiment the thought and all the effort and detail you have put into it, it is gorgeous hun! Joey.x

sam21ski said...

Great keep sake for you Kate and what a lovely item for you to display in your home xxxx

cats whiskers said...

Oh Kate what a wonderfulk and thoughtful idea so romantic and what a stunning box you have come up with this is awesome
Hugs Jacqui x

Jenneke said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!!!
Thanks for telling us your beautiful story and making this romantic box!!
And thanks for joining us at Shabby!


Scrappiness said...

This is so beautiful and inspiring!

Ruth Philps said...

I was busy laughing at the glossed over access hole and then your picture eventually came up after I had read chapter and verse of your tale.......I said out loud "Oh My God" because it is absolutely beautiful Kate you must be so delighted with this and to leave it on view is even better!!

Thankyou for playing along with us at lets get Shabby:)

mandysea said...

Stunning!!! What a fabulous creation- very beautiful! I went on a journey with your post!! The giggles were great too!!

Thanks so much for playing along with Shabby!

Toni said...

Ok This is just GORGEOUS!!!!!! Thanks for playing!!!!

zandra said...

So uniqued! Great take on the challenge, beautiful.
Hugz, Z

Timcso said...

Oh my this is totally amazing!Absolute stunning creations!Beautiful!:)

Thanks for playing with us at Shabby!

Hugs, Tímea

Lou said...

Ohhh your box is sooo beautiful!!! and so is your Blog!!! I'm sorry some how I missed this in the list..Congratulations on your HM! Love the inspiration behind your box too! What a totally awesome keepsake of your special day!!
Lou xx

Just a little bit Crafty said...

Hi Kate, congratulations on your HM for your beautiful Wedding Box. When I first saw it, my jaw hit the floor. It is truly stunning.
Hugs, Irene xx

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