Monday 28 September 2009

60th Wedding Anniversary Acetate Card

Hello all, hoping your day was as bright and sunny as mine. I would first of all like to thank those that take the time to view my blog and leave such lovely comments.

Well as you know I had already altered my little box ready for this card and was spending lots of time covering the "Beach Hut" floor with numerous papers whilst going through the thought processes of making sure everything went well with the embellishments and the colours show through.

So after all of that here it is and hoping you like my first attempt. Oh I add this comment after I finished the original blog.......... get a coffee first.................. you may need it.

The first page has the butter cream stazone on it contrasted with a lovely dark chocolate and cream. With the nesties oval embossed with the mse sentiment and gold liquid pearls to finish it off.

The reverse clearly stating how long the couple have been married. Showing the back of the previous paper as a pale border to a lovely rich brown/gold diamond - representing the diamond anniversary. With the cuttlebug kids 60 on some of the white 12 x 12 paper that I used on the top of the box.

Following on is the mustard yellow dove stamps on the acetate. I had bought and planned to use the dove grey stazone however it did not show. On this one I have made a folder and used some gold ribbon to hold it shut. There is a lovely mse stamp on the front and another mse sentiment inside. Under that is a heart edged base for another mse sentiment, with the gold card just showing to ensure those hearts are visible.

On the reverse of this one a slight change to a pale pink theme. The border showing from the reverse but hiding the yellow stazone doves (it just did not work) Another lovely paper on the top with another mse sentiment and a huge white and pink flower with a little pink button for the centre and some home curled pink wire to add that finishing touch. (oooooooooooooo get me)

The next page moving onto the more romantic shades. Dark Pinks and reds. The white stazone used for a background of love. The pink dotty paper creating a lovely backdrop for the deep red K & Co paper hearts, die cut with the cuttlebug. Another nestie used for the word base, embossed and then mse stamped. I used my punch here to give it a top and then used another cuttlebug folder to create the celebrate underneath. I used some heart folders to create the words on the white die cut hearts and then ran my inked tattered rose roller over them to show the depth. Little red pearls to finish off the pairs.

The next page a little more delicate. The reverse of the dotty pink - a lovely floral paper showing as the border. Using the same paper that I used on the box I used my ribbon punch and threaded a pale velvet ribbon through it. I then used my heart template and found some more gorgeous paper from the K & Co Wedding stack. I used some transparency words I think from the K & Co range - I got these from Running with Scissors a while ago. I then pulled the green from the words and the border and layered the heart onto some left over deep mossy green card. It really pulled it together well.

The next page along with the one above - is I think my favourite. Using some of my pearl swirls obtained from the Hobby House - they are so amazing, don't you just love the butterfly. I used the Martha Stewart border punch on both sides of this page so it would show through as double on the next page. A simple mse sentiment in the rusty brown stazone. The acetate colour is green and can be seen better on the next page. The image used was a large stamp from the Range I believe lots of loving words with a heart in the middle although I covered most of it.

This page shows the previous doily punch from the reverse with the second layer on the front of this page, again another lovely transparency sentiment and some double punch butterflies with green liquid pearl cores and glitter wings. Little pearls picking up the top of the doily scallop.

Finally somewhere for the person giving the card to write there own words. A simple butter cream flower on the acetate. With a cream simple paper and on top of that a nestie and mse stamp. Two little silver nail art hearts on the top and edged. A lovely flower from the Hobby House added to complete.

The reverse and final page showing the reverse of the previous card to show off my created by downrightcrafty lily stamp which I coloured in with my copic markers.

I then placed the lovely completed card in it's box after I had placed some cream tissue paper in the box.

Wow it nearly took as long to blog this as it did to make it. Would you think that technology could get a little more advanced to enable us to upload several photo's. I may have to go back to my own website and blog on there, it was so much easier than this, I tell you. Whilst I have been blogging this Sam has uploaded hers and gone for tea :)

I am now starving. So I will leave you to kill yourselves reading this and hope you like it. Thanks for looking and thank you to all of you who share your skills, knowledge and experience with everyone especially Sue (ex Paper Paradise for the creativity used in this project)

Kate x

Saturday 26 September 2009

Altered Box

Good evening everyone. Hoping that you are all well and looking after each other.

I have spent the week on this little creation. As you can see I had my work cut out for me from the start. I am creating a 60th Wedding Anniversary Acetate Card and needed a box for it to sit pretty in. This was that box as it started out. What a mess.

I carefully peeled off the stickers. Prepared it and then used my Titanium White Jo Sonya paint and created a lovely white starting surface. I then started to get creative and here are the results.

It looks mint although my photography does not show it in it's best light.

Started on the Acetate Card this morning. It takes a lot of thought and you should see how much paper I have scattered around the floor. All that matching takes so much space. Thank heavens for the "Beach Hut". Well going to sit myself down with a lovely cup of peach tea, look after Matt who appears to have a touch of "man flu" and watch the dancing and x factor whilst relaxing sat on my massage chair.

Hope you all have a great evening and thanks for looking.
Kate xx

Sunday 20 September 2009

So Sorry Photo's of my baby "Star"

Well ok, she is now 6 years old, but still my puppy. She is a dog of all occasions and by that I mean she is part St. Bernard and part Lurcher.

At a year old she dislocated her hip, cause was top half of her body is too big for her lower limbs and the junction needed a little building work.

She enjoyed her six months of hydrotherapy, after her operation. She is on cartlidge builders for life and has a ready supply of pain killers for her little slip ups. Slip ups are when she forgets she is not suppose to act like the Lurcher in her and try to be more like the St. Bernard. She can only go on small controlled walks however loves to run when she can in the garden where she is fully supported by us.

So here she is Sam just for you.

Star says thanks for looking xx


Finally the photo's of the little puppy "Betsy" arrived via my e mail. Here are a couple of photo's for you to all aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh at. The second one is Betsy with Lucky her house mate.Adorable don't you think.

Well I am in the middle of creating a box for my next project which is an acetate 60th Wedding Anniversary Card. Need to pimp a box to show it off. Will be using some lovely techniques learnt from Sue, I hope I can make her proud.

Matt has (yes you have guessed it) left me in peace and gone fishing.

Oh, and yesterday. The raised bed got attacked by Matt and I. Not a weed in site. The doc leaf plant and the nettles and thistles are gone. Good job really I did not fancy a gunera replica in the raised bed. We also fixed the fence. Star spotted a cat in her posh garden and ran at it forgetting the fence was there, so fence panels were knocked off. Ooops.

Well chat soon and hope your all well.

Kate x

Thursday 17 September 2009

Another Catch Up - Lots of Creations and Information

Following on and catching up. The little puppy came to see me. "Betsy" is her name and she is a bassett. She is gorgeous. However, Star my very own little girl, was a little jealous to say the least. Due to her size, she does not do small dogs. They run through her legs and confuse her. Eventually after running off several times Star found a suitable place on the settee, where Betsy could not get her. Betsy arrived in a little travel bag and left in the same manner - bless. Photo's to follow as on the day she did not stand still. Our house was very interesting and so was Star's biscuit bowl.

The baby has not arrived yet and we are still waiting to see if the prediction was correct, I personally now hope it is as I also needed to make a card for another expecting mum for a predicted girl (hope that prediction is correct also) Here is the little girl card ready and waiting.
During the week again, I have been busy finishing off the xmas order. So the final two cards done and again two more for myself (shame on you Ruth - to be so talented and to consider buying your christmas cards. Here are the final two.
Now these cards I feel are pretty special. Other than using my snowflake martha stewart punch and my current favourite papers "crafty individuals" from the Hobby House. The images are stamped onto some really cool paper. I have been frustrated for some time with the manga paper I was using. It is fantastic to colour on but very thin and therefore cuts when using nesties or embossing with the nesties. So I went on a crusade.

Matt took me to the Range on Sunday last and purchased me some art board in a pad, specialist painting stuff... this is very good, but not as good as this, located on ebay and mentioned on one of the blogs I am now following. She has good utube videos on colouring, but I did not need that bit. So this is what I am now using.
It is by Canon and is comic book art boards. (expensive but well worth it - I am a convert. Polly if you want to try a sheet let me know. Here is my very first creation with it.
On Wednesday one of my learners, a lovely lady, came to pick up her certificates and her portfolio. On returning her to her car and wishing her luck with her job search, she opened her boot and presented me with a gorgeous bunch of flowers. It really makes your job worth while when you give so much of yourself and they achieve, but to receive a thank you is the best thing ever. Thank you Debbie. Aren't they lovely.
Someone else who I think a lot of and had asked me to make her some cards, bought me this lovely planner for all my orders. Must get it on the wall and start using it.
I also picked up from Sue's my delivery of foam mount for my stamps that Maz had ordered, thanks Maz and Sue for allowing me to pick it up the next night.

Finally before I end - I was asked to create a going away card for a young lady whose best friend is going to university next week. It is hard when the person has always been with you and they are going to move away. A card is a lovely way to say "I will miss you". So thinking it needed to show lots of sentiments. I ploughed through my MSE unmounted stamps, located one inner and outer and one that just said it all. Before using I mounted these.

Will do a few each time as I go, will finally catalogue them all eventually. My repeats I am taking to Sue's who is going to charge a small fee and put this towards guide dogs for the deaf. Polly also mentioned a swop shop and I was happy to receive a stamp from Maz and will offer her a swop or two before I pass my repeats to Sue.

I then remembered my evening at Polly's and a lovely card we created together and felt I would like to revisit the style. This is what I created.The front with some lovely lace from Rui Tong.
A close up of the words
Even closer of the lovely lace.

This is an MSE inner and outer. But could not resist putting the two together as it just says so much.

Apologise for some of the photography - must improve in this area.

Hope everyone is well and thank you for taking the time to view and read my blog.

Kate xx

Saturday 12 September 2009

Update Xmas and Baby Boy Card

Over the past two weeks I have been working on creating several xmas card orders. Here are the first selection. Each time I make one, I make one for myself also. Therefore I have completed four card orders and four of my own. So getting there slowly. Here is a photo taken
on my beach hut work top, as you can see the sun was glorious today and the grass looked so inviting. I did venture out and decided to attack two very large weeds in our lovely raised bed. If I had left them there much longer I would have been able to see the flowers from my upstairs beach hut window. I have also shown a close up of one of the red versions and its inside. Papers are from craft creations I believe, I purchased these and many more lovely xmas 12 x 12 papers from the hobby house, along with some of the ribbons and flowers. The little gold bells from Boys, an amazing place to shop for crafty bits. Some of the other ribbon from the Range in Scunthorpe.
This image although a little blurry (sorry) is of a stamp that my husband Matt ordered for me off ebay. It is a black and white silloette of my favourite flower, a lilly and it says "Handmade by Downrightcrafty" It is so ace, I love him to bits for all the support he gives me.

He has been out fishing today in a match and caught an amazing size fish, however he still did not win, which is a huge shame as I think through all his determination he deserves too. He got a lovely sun tan on his face again. Men they never remember the sun cream, fishing is far more important.

Anyway whilst he was fishing I cleared the housework, however still have the ironing to do. (and last weeks oops) and then rushed up to the beach hut and created a little baby boy card,

a friend's little one is due any day now. I will be making a little girl one tomorrow, as although they predict what you are going to have, I know a few that have been wrong. So I am going to be prepared. So here is the card.

Tomorrow I am going to get to cuddle a puppy, my friend is bringing her new addition to see me. Will have to take photo's to show you all, as they are always so cute and you never know it may inspire a layout.

Well hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather, for the time being. Thank you all for your recent lovely comments and thanks for looking.

Kate x

Saturday 5 September 2009

Maz's Challenge - A Step to her Crafting Heaven

Had a fab day today, with Polly and Sue at Maz's house. Was given a choice of lovely Thorntons goodies and steps to choose from. Maz offered me a wall but think that is a little out of my tiny league. See the other great creations on Maz's steps here.

What a fantastic way for you to remember your crafting buddies on the way to your craft heaven

Thanks Maz

Silver Wedding Card

This is another card request. So with the anniversary information at hand, I located from my K & Co Wedding Pad of papers this lovely simple and elegant pale sheet and used the edges to create the band across the middle. Using silver card but not to mirrored for the back layer and the edge to the hand cut topper. I used the same stamp as last time, but this time stamped in silver and not embossed. I added the silver ribbon and again hand tied the bow. I added one stamp embelishment to the paper itself and this is an

MSE inner and outer so the inside sentiment follows on the message. The top MSE sentiment I layered onto the silver again and hand cut around. I placed this on foam pads to lift it slightly and then placed two silver bells through some ribbon and glued this to the card adding a silver heart little embelishment to complete the look.

Update on the fishing, Matt is now on normal hours and decided as I was getting my hair cut and going to spend the afternoon with Maz, Sue and Polly (to complete my step challenge from Maz) that he would go fishing. What a lovely day for him and I hope he really relaxes he needs it.

Thanks for looking and all your lovely comments.

Kate x

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