Sunday, 20 September 2009


Finally the photo's of the little puppy "Betsy" arrived via my e mail. Here are a couple of photo's for you to all aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh at. The second one is Betsy with Lucky her house mate.Adorable don't you think.

Well I am in the middle of creating a box for my next project which is an acetate 60th Wedding Anniversary Card. Need to pimp a box to show it off. Will be using some lovely techniques learnt from Sue, I hope I can make her proud.

Matt has (yes you have guessed it) left me in peace and gone fishing.

Oh, and yesterday. The raised bed got attacked by Matt and I. Not a weed in site. The doc leaf plant and the nettles and thistles are gone. Good job really I did not fancy a gunera replica in the raised bed. We also fixed the fence. Star spotted a cat in her posh garden and ran at it forgetting the fence was there, so fence panels were knocked off. Ooops.

Well chat soon and hope your all well.

Kate x


Paper Paradise said...

Sue x

sam21ski said...

Awww Kate they are both sooooooooo cute, I could just cuddle them to death!!! Poor Star running into the fence, hope she's ok xxxx Are you going to show us a photo of her?

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