Sunday 20 September 2009

So Sorry Photo's of my baby "Star"

Well ok, she is now 6 years old, but still my puppy. She is a dog of all occasions and by that I mean she is part St. Bernard and part Lurcher.

At a year old she dislocated her hip, cause was top half of her body is too big for her lower limbs and the junction needed a little building work.

She enjoyed her six months of hydrotherapy, after her operation. She is on cartlidge builders for life and has a ready supply of pain killers for her little slip ups. Slip ups are when she forgets she is not suppose to act like the Lurcher in her and try to be more like the St. Bernard. She can only go on small controlled walks however loves to run when she can in the garden where she is fully supported by us.

So here she is Sam just for you.

Star says thanks for looking xx


Paper Paradise said...

Oh bless, she's ace too. These canines sure know how to win our hearts.
Sue x

sam21ski said...

Awwww Kate, she's got such a lovely face. Sorry to hear she's had problems, but so glad you've got them sorted our for her

Thanks for showing me, but now I'll have to come round and see for myself!!!! xxxxxx

ARTfulWings said...

Hi Kate - sorry not been in touch for a while - soooo busy at work - no time for anything really. Lovely creations you have been making - will be in touch soon - take care xx

The Dolphin Inn said...

Awwwww what a little treasure she is, bless her heart, sorry she has been through so much, looks like she is enjoying lots of tlc from you both though,take care xxx

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