Sunday 22 May 2011

STUNNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good morning to you all in the land of blog
Wow Wow Wow, did the Bride look Stunning!!!!!!!! and it was a fabulous wedding, enjoyed every moment, I will never forget her Anniversary as it will always be one day before ours.

We are celebrating our 12th Wedding Anniversary today and this year Matt has treated me to something amazing, however I cannot tell you about it will have to wait until next Saturday to find out..............sorry, but you know how I love the suspense!!!!!

So what have I got for you today, well I just have to show you a couple of photographs from the Wedding as I have been working on the items for it for so your all sick of hearing about it!

Vanessa has for the past what seems like a year, been banned from visiting my blog, however now as the New Mr and Mrs Taylor, she has free reign.

If I forgot to mention Leigh the Groom is a Fireman

This is the face that says all my gifts were worth all the time taken on them, priceless :)

The I have to tell you that Matt my dear beloved husband on Thursday evening, stole my "Beach Hut" for the evening "shock" "horror"....................... he wanted to create a Wedding Anniversary Card for me..... how sweet and thoughtful and oh no!!!!! my stash.  Well at least the copics were with me as I was colouring up some images............. but I had no idea what he was doing with anything else.  Mike went up a couple of times, again not sure what he was doing.  Then Mike came down and told me that Matt had broken my glue syringe, whilst filling it and that he had wrecked my new anti stick scissors. You should have seen my face (picture comes to mind) eventually her returned downstairs all done.  Room checked and tidy - well OK as I left it.

Here is what he made, my Anniversary Card
This is an angle shot, so you can see the dome of shrink plastic - it was an of cut I was saving for something, he thought it was acetate, but it works perfectly to hold the little spray of lily's behind.

This is the front of the card, he used a cream card stock and then found some Tim Holtz Moss green he punched a leaf out and then used this a mask to create some leaf stencil around the edge of the card.  He then cut the middle section out to make an aperture, he has then (don't ask how as I don't know) made a dome of the shrink plastic.  He then added flowers at the top and bottom and two larger ones that are out and under the shrink plastic.  The little gold leaves he called them, these are the outcuts from my recent creation using the lotus flower from spellbinders, he found them in the bin, said they were just the ticket.

This is the side view so you can see how the dome sits.  He hand wrote the words in the middle.

For his first attempt I was pretty amazed and believe not only the bride was stunning but my anniversary card.

To those of you celebrating your own Anniversary's this week, have a lovely time making more happy memories

I have just noticed that I have five more followers to go till my 200 - I feel another candy time coming on don't you ?

Kate and Matt


sam21ski said...

Fab wedding photos and Matt obviously takes notice of what you do and how you do it, unlike Martin, who hasn't got a clue. I would dread to think what he would come up with - lol!!!

Sam xxx

Miria said...

Wow, amazing piccies of the wedding and even more amazing you hubby's card, a real treat, congrat him! I cna't wait to know about te other one! Miria xx

McCrafty's Cards said...

the wedding photos look fab, but Matts card is stunning, you must have been chuffed to bits.
Kevin xx

ladyjanet_56 said...

Mike the card is beautiful have you thought about doing classes every 3rd Sunday :) sorry Kate but it was really pretty. The wedding pics are lovely love the dress. Janet

Natali said...

Wow!!.. It`s soooo Romantic!!

gobeagirl said...

Looks like they had a beautifully romantic wedding. So sweet! It would also appear that you Hubby is just as talented as you. Wow, I think your card that he made for you is just fantastic. How sweet of him. I love it. Hugs, Lisa G

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