Monday 4 July 2011

An Award from a Very Special Lady

I was given this lovely award from Sue, thank you so much for thinking of me hun, very much appreciated.  Now I have to tell you 8 facts about myself, oh gosh this is going to be hard
1)  I work full time with a fabulous team of ladies
2) Now that I wear glasses for driving I can see the road :)
3) I enjoy malt whiskey regularly
4) I love cheesecake any flavour
5) Our puppy is now 8 as big as a miniature horse and as fluffy as a sheep (she is still my baby)
6) I apparently need to lose weight - the lady at the well woman clinic told me that (she was so much bigger than me)
7) I drive what my husband calls a "hairdressers" car, but it does have a private plate (so who cares)
8) I have so many  friends in blog land that I am going to be disappointed not to be able to give this to so many more people.

Now I have to think of 8 people I want to pass this onto, so hard when there are so many talented and lovely blogs out their in the land of blog.

Enjoy your evening everyone

oh and my candy is still running here if you have not yet entered




Simply lovely sentiment Kate! Thank you!
Tammy Louise

Little K Smith said...

Aawww thank you hunni, it's very sweet of you to think of me :)

coops said...

aw thanks so much kate for thinking of me :D
great facts about you too, i love cheescake :D
i will blog asap.

xx coops xx

Natali said...

AAaaaaa... Thank you Kate soooo much you think of me... Millions big hugs and kisses to you!!!

Mandy said...

Aww thanks so much for thinking of me Kate and congrats on getting the award from the lovely Sue
hugs Mandy xx

ladyjanet_56 said...

thank you for my award it means a lot to me. Janet

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