Saturday 13 April 2013

Slightly AWOL but for a fabulous reason

Good morning to you all

I know my posts seem to have disappeared but I have been just a tad busy and for those that have asked to see this, here you go.  

You see I had an opportunity to buy something awesome with the support of a fabulous person, you know who you are :)
I always dreamed of getting this but never in my wildest dreams did I believe I would.

Now you are wondering, so here we go, I have a rather large copic collection but it was not the complete set and was short of just a few to complete the full 358.  It has taken me a couple of years to get to this stage I can tell you, however yesterday I gave them away to a new home, where they will be loved, hugged and looked after well.  Before they went they all needed checking and refilling and tidying, so that is what I have been up to.

You see yesterday I got this - you can probably understand why I was screaming around the house and still scream inside when I spot them on my chair

 The side view

The top view

Oops screaming again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the inside view

So now I am starting to recolor my new blank copic sketch chart with all of these babies, I am going as quick as I can, as I do so want to play with them like now, but as I was so organised in my last kit, I now need to re organise the order in this ace piece of kit.

I am in heaven as you can imagine, and cannot wait now to run my next copic class :)

anyway must run obviously as need to post a card and pop to Iceland and then will be hurrying back to continue with my excitement, and although a trip to the Ally Pally would have been fabulous, this to me is sooooooooooooooo much better.

Hugs and Enjoy Your Day


misteejay said...


I think I'd be screaming too - how super.

Have a wonderful weekend with those goodies (I'll just sit here and gaze on in envy LOL)

Toni xx

PaperDaisies said...

No wonder you are screaming. You lucky lucky person. You enjoy. You are going to have a fab few days for sure. Hugs Nina

Donna said...

Holy cow Kate, although I do have to ask, why did you give your Copics away just to get new copics???
Donna xx

Sonia said...


Misty's said...

I though I heard somebody screaming (LOL). I did not realize it way you (LOL).Oh my world, Kate. This is like I have just entered Aladdin's cave. I can't stop looking at it and it has got such an amazing case to go with it as well. You are a pro at colouring in so it is sooo worth having.
Michaela and DP xx

Sandra H said...

"WOW" Kate thats some storage and lots of pens your must be in seventh heaven!! xx

Tammy said...

Lucky you, fabulous gift!

СВЕТЛАНА said...

Кейт, поздравляю, я бы тоже кричала от радости и удовольствия!!!

KarinsArtScrap said...

wow Kate these case with copics are stunning.
have a lot of fun with it.

greetings karin

susie said...

Unbelievable - enjoy many hours of colouring. Is the a good excuse to have another class lol xxxx

susiestacey said...

OMG Kate Fantastic -will we ever see you again? x Susan x (green with envy lol)

cuilliesocks said...

WOW!!!!, you lucky girl, have fun creating with them, really envious, Kate x

Vicky said...

Oooh I'm green with envy hun...enjoy playing..!!

biggest of hugs Vicky xx

Karen Petitt said...

OMGee, I need to pick up my jaw from the floor. Oh Kate I am so very jealous but also very happy for you - you are going to love these, when we win the lotto, when lol! Enjoy hun Karen xx

Becky said...

OH Wow.. How awesome. I would be screaming to if I had all of these..

Jacqui's little piece of England said...

Oh my word Kate you are a lucky girl and yes I would have forgone my trip to Ally Pally today to get this little lot
jacqui x

Unknown said...

Gosh Kate - I could hear you in Somerset! There was I getting ready to come to your aid.....when I spotted your post!!! lol How absolutely bl..dy amazing - you must be beside yourself and in crafting heaven. How generous to give your lovingly built up collection to someone you knew would love them as you do. I shall look forward to seeing your first creation....that is if you can actually bring yourself to use them rather than stroke them.....hehe!


Karen x

Sue from Oregon said...

I could hear you screaming here on the west coast of the USA girlie! Very cool!

Sue said...

So that was that loud noise coming across the pond!! WOW, in my dreams, you lucky girl! Enjoy.


sam21ski said...

Wow, lovely Kate if this floats your boat, for me it would be Ally Pally every time, but it's a good job we are all different and want / like different things, or it'd be boring wouldn't it.

Hope you soon get them sorted how you want them so you can play with them.

Sam xx

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