Saturday 4 April 2009

Teeside Park - Hobby Craft

I remember back in December last year when I visited Teeside Park, seeing the very very very large signs for Hobby Craft from the other side of the huge car park. I made my work colleague (pregnant) walk all the way around just to get there. To my dismay it was due to open in 3 days time. I was gutted.

Monday this week, again I had to visit the area and luckily had to meet some one there with the same colleague, the plan was already there. We finished our coffees in Costa and at a speedy pace headed for the location of the previous huge banners. My colleague is not a crafty but is a believer of retail therapy. I was in and through the doors (she only has a few weeks till little one pops out now), I picked up the basket, she converted it into a trolley - expectations you see were obviously very high. How can I describe the full upper floor full of cardmaking luxuries. I had limited my spend but the basket kept getting fuller and fuller. I did the treat the husband bit (we always treat them when we are away) and then filled my boots. I now cannot wait to visit Sheffield and hope it is just as good. Must remember to mentally note to save, save, save, save, in readiness for my trip.

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