Sunday 31 May 2009

Hobby House and Bev Water colour class

Hi all
had a wonderful few hours at the Hobby House today. Met some lovely new aquaintances and made a uniquely different card from the one I think I was suppose to be following. Learnt from Bev how to use Tim Holtz ink to watercolour with a waterbrush. I have to say when I first was asked to bring one of these I did not quite know what it was. Having learnt from Bev that if you are going to use one of these lovely little numbers then make sure you are using the one with the valve in it as the others just don't make the grade (will throw away the others I bought - later) I have to say that I thought I was doing this shading thing probably all wrong. However, am pleased to say that think I was heading in the right direction.

Having learnt how to fill in stamped images with watercolour pencils and a normal brush (had difficulty with the brush bit) moved on to use a blender with the watercolour pencils and got on great. Moved on to trying to paint with Tim Holtz inks and did not get very far. Recently as you all know moved to copics and love them to bits, providing you use the correct ink to stamp (thanks Polly "~ARTfulwings~" for the info) and either a good quality marker pad or watercolour pad and even manga paper - however manga paper being like drawing on silk it is a little thin. Really enjoyed todays session on learning how to use Tim Holtz ink correctly.

Think that it depends on what you are doing and what you want to what media you would use and as always think most people would go with what they are familiar with.

I quite like them all (after practice)

Well folkes the men are home from fishing, managing not to obtain a toooooo red a tan and caught a good lot of little fishies, so off to catch up with them. Chat soon. xx


Paper Paradise said...

Yeah,, a good time was had by all and it was great for us all to have a bit of time out together. Look forward to seeing your card, Sam has already put hers on, I've been out till half an hour ago so won,t be blogging tonight. See you soon.
Sue x

Ruth Philps said...

I wish I had known earlier about this would have loved to have gone...sounds like you had an interesting and fun day out!! Did you do a little retail therapy whilst there!!

downrightcrafty said...

oh following my usual style and pleasing Polly too of course - I think we all did xx

Helena said...

I really enjoyed the class, it was a bit like being back at one of Sue's workshops, except that Sue actually sat down and played with us!!!

Had a quick look through your blog, love the projects that you are creating!

sam21ski said...

We had a fab time didn't we and it was lovely to meet you Kate. Looking forward to the next one xxxx

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