Saturday 9 May 2009

Rui Tong

On Thursday I went to see a lady through work, in Bridlington. I had no idea who she was or what she did as a living. Wow was I pleased I went. She is the manager of a shop which sells the embelishments to hats and bridal head wear and possibly so much more. The stock comes from China and I was in heaven.

I browsed with her whilst learning about her business and mentioned how gorgeous the butterflies were, how special the feathers looked and the flowers just blew me away.

The web site address is below and you can order from there, hope you enjoy looking as much as I did. By the way you pay for the quality and individual intricate workmanship.

Well at the end we browsed some more and she gave me lots of slight damaged stock. I also bought two very pretty flowers, one on a wire and the other on a pin in such vibrant colours - cant wait for them to go on a scrap page. My other purchase was a series of double coloured tiny feathers. I have ideas for them all.

Cant wait to go back.

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