Friday 21 August 2009

Sold my first hand made card + another page for Grace's Memory Book

This is the memory book page that I had all ready to go but unable to work on due to needing to move in to the new craft room. Love the back paper of this one could not resist the lovely large PINK flower.

This is the very first card that I was asked to create. Quite unique with particular wording which unfortunately I felt I could not blog. So I took the photo to cut of the offending words. Matt located the lovely blue robin reliant image on the net for me and I carefully cut it out and added the broken ball and chain.

I decided that this needed to have that little extra so placed another card inside to allow the full feelings of the person sending the card to be displayed. "A Womans Self Help Guide to Divorce".

I then created the guide - a little from experience prior to me meeting the perfect guy "Matt".

The photo is not very clear (sorry) but think the message was.

And finally the last page for the person to write their own words.

She absolutely loved it and I was thrilled. She said I should charge more but not really sure what to charge.............................. any ideas?

Well the take away is arriving soon, and then Matt will be creating his fishing bait. He is at a Charity Fishing Match, tomorrow. I hope the weather is good for them and the special day. It is in aid of Guide Dogs for the Blind. So whilst he is there and if I iron very quickly I will pop to the hobby house to apologise for missing the day with Bev and of course to buy some more bits as I have a few more orders.

Thanks for looking
Hope everyone is well
Kate x


sam21ski said...

Another fab page for the memory book, even if it is extrememly pink!!!

Love the card, I'd go for at least a fiver. Well worth it especially with all that effort and your extra bit of expertise!!!

Why did you miss your day with Bev Kate, I thought you were one of the chosen ones!!!


sam21ski said...

Hehehehehe!!! Easy mistake to make though!!! Why will you make Polly proud????

sam21ski said...


Paper Paradise said...

Lovely stuff again Kate, you are just zooming on!!!!!! Love the PINK PAGE lol.
Sue x

sam21ski said...

Have you been and grovelled yet then? What did you buy, owt good?

sam21ski said...

WOW sounds like you've had a right good spend - lovely

Well done on smoothing things over!!!

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