Monday 10 August 2009

New Craft Room Update

Well sorry for no crafty blogging. Another couple of nights and the new craft room will be photographable. Lovely colours and very fresh and clean with a brand new full size white worktop. OOOOOOOOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh can't wait. Will take a photo of the old starting place before I move everything into the new room.

Hope everyone is ok and busy busy busy

take care

kate x


Paper Paradise said...

Oh lucky you, it's exciting!!!!! Can't wait to see it.

Sue x

sam21ski said...

Yes indeed, lucky you, I too can't wait to see it xxxx

Ruth Philps said...

Lucky you......I have a white work bench but it's been waiting to go in my kitchen for a bout 6 months...maybe I should steal it for a craft room..except I haven't got room..oh well nice thought,,can't wait to see your piccies!!

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