Wednesday 16 June 2010


Good morning bloggers and today in the UK it is sunny, no clouds and very little wind, may not get time to do much crafting today, hope the weather is as kind to you where ever you are.

So last week a few after posting on WOYWW lovely people commented on my work space being too clean.  Yep it always is when I have finished as I dump all the rubbish into the stacker bin. (I save all the useful bits and place them in a draw for future finding.) So here is where I dump all the rubbish.
Yep that is two stacker boxes with a dustbin liner in it - filling up quick.  Notice the ribbons hanging down, so I thought I would show you the other side of the room too.  The ribbons hang here 
I should really sort them out again, as I am really an organised person.  Now to the right of the ribbon HOOKS......................
Yep see I am tidy.  My shelving.  Stamp heaven, I do try and keep these in some sort of order and below in the wage slip bags are all my MSE stamps (sorted into themes)................... and just to show you that I am prepared for work today.
The other side of the work top all clean and tidy, look at that lovely view again.  Well hope you are all enjoying visiting all these workspaces, I know I do.

Back later to post another creation.

Hugs Kate xx


Candace said...

Kate, you really are organised, love your stamp collection

Enjoy your day Hugs Can x

Nicki said...

Thanks for sharing your crafty space, what a wonderful bunch of stamps you have.

Nicki, xx

Lorraine A said...

Fabulous room :-) Love your well organised stamps and how tidy everything is ,, fab view too :-)

Lols x x

Sue said...

Hi Kate
great piccies luv that you can see all your stamps, have good day hun, sue,x

ARTfulWings said...

That sure is one stamp collection you have there lovie.

And your room is as tidy as mine was 10 mins ago - now everything that I put away is out all over the floor again!!!

See you soon

Polly xx

Paper Paradise said...

Aw that's too tidy for me Kate....only kidding, I would love to be organised and tidy but am afraid it will never ever happen!!!! Never mind though eh? Love seeing your lovely beach hut, it's brill!!! x Sorry we couldn't meet up this week but will have to do it soon. x

Anonymous said...

oh Kate! messy or neat...super organized or efficient enough...any way they are is such a treat to peek into another artists creative space!

thanks for sharing!
love your hooky hooks! with all those yummy ribbons...makes me want to come over and play with your supplies...especially those stamps! !!!!!!

ciao bella
creative carmelina

Sunshine Girl said...

Very organised and tidy - lovely lot of stamps too.

Chrissie said...

Ooh, very organised (especially your stamps) I'm so impressed.
Moving on to your other posting, I love your 'vintage' look box, just beautiful!

Sue from Oregon said...

Yes, you ARE a tidy girl! LOL...ideally I would be too...just doesn't always happen LOL!

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