Wednesday 4 August 2010

What's New on WOYWW I wonder????

Well I was busy creating  my DT card for Winter Wonderland's Friday Challenge, I tell you after the couple of months I have had a work, this is the only thing that relaxes me and takes my mind totally off the pressure.

I am so pleased to say that the end of Contract Year is finally over and that means I  can unwind a little, or so you would think.  Nope Ofsted have just informed us of their visit so pressure is back on.  I cannot wait for my week off next week, just for a little breather.

So I was busy crafting, relaxing, thinking about snow on snowflakes, when the husband asked if I had photographed my work space for tomorrow.  I said I had not and would not be able to link it anyway as I was working out and about in Harrogate, with that he grabbed the camera and took several photo's of me working on my workspace, oh bless him (not)

I spent all day Saturday whilst my husband Matt was at his fishing match, cleaning my work top, oh if I could only say that it was so I could photograph it for WOYWW, but it was not.  I needed to clear the space for my recent order, which is another memory box for another passing of another much loved mum.  This time I remembered to start taking photo's of the work in progress, I forgot last time.

So here is the little bible, being painted with gesso, some areas have already been painted, sanded back and painted again, and others are still waiting patiently for their turn.

I will keep showing little snippets so you can see how long I take over it, I really do like to put my heart and soul into the pieces as they mean so much to those that they are for.

Anyway here is the first photo the hubby took, from the door way
It is quite dark outside and is ready to throw it down with rain.  Luckily you cannot see the card I was working on.  
Here you can see me getting a little frustrated, I punched out some snowflakes, glued them up and sprinkled them with polar white flower soft, that glue is brill, I struggled to lift them onto a clean paper to dry over night ready for tomorrow. Well the idea was quite good, you will see if they actually worked on my Friday's post.  
The box on the top has some lovely new flower soft in it a great red one and a mustard yellow.  He was going to take a photo of the floor, cheeky hound, I told him I did that last week and as I still have not hoovered - he could miss that one out, besides I was in my high heels and who crafts in those!!!!!!!

Well I must dash, sorry I have not got around to commenting in general this week, struggling to keep up with commenting on entries on the challenge blog and was just so busy, things should get better now.

So Mr Blogger will very kindly post this for me tomorrow, I will try at some point to mobile blog and link it to the fabulous Julia's site where all of us just love to go to keep up on all what is going on, if your interested pop over to WOYWW and join in

Hugs Kate xx


ARTfulWings said...

laughs you're much braver (and tidier) than me to show off your workspace - if you could see my workspace mess now (shaking head as I look at the incredible mess I've made making just one card :O)

Take care and see you soon (will be joining in winter wonderland later this week)

Polly xx

Serendipity Stamping said...

So nice to see your face and being creative at the same time. Thank you hubby for jumping in there.

Kathleen said...

so nice to see you working on your project, hope we get to see the finished item.

Sue said...

Hi Hun
fabby pics, hope you have a lovely week off, nice to see you creating,have great day,sue,x

Helen said...

Great idea to get someone to take pics of you actually working - love it!

Electra said...

It sounds to me like your hubbie is very proud of you and your art!!

Sid said...

That's a fab workspace you have there !!

Sew This N That said...

You have a great workspace hun :)
*hugs* Heather x

Maarit at Violets Corner said...

Nice to see you creating! And what a fab idea with memory boxes, we don't have them here in Sweden. It would be great a great way to remember loved ones.


Brenda B said...

Love the photos of you working Kate, I have to say you're a very well togged crafter! I look a bit grungy cause I usually end up with ink stains and glitter everywhere!


Phree said...

Great photos, you have a lovely workspace!

Julia Dunnit said...

Sounds like you need a week off t me - ofsted - arrgh such a time consumer! The pictures are fascinating, am so glad you chose to use them - I love the idea of you working in your high heels! Do you go to work in slippers then, just for the balance!! Because I'm so late I've been able to peek at what you've been doing, the snowflakes are a small portion - you work so tidily!.

Chrissie said...

It looks as though you have a huge workspace and a very co-operative hubby.
The word OFSTED brings me out in goosebumps, I'm glad my days of those are over!

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