Wednesday 25 August 2010

WOYWW and the Messy Scale!!!!!

Hello to all you WOYWW'ers this fine day

and if you are not sure what I am on about at all, then you definitely need to pop over to see Julia the creator of the WOYWW phenomena. It's an awesome location with some great views to see, better than some holidays abroad I promise you.

First of all before I show you what's going on this week in my Beach Hut 

From today, I would like to thank the ladies at Tuesday Throw Down for selecting me as the winner of 4 digi images from Robyn's Fetish, really appreciate it and cannot wait to chose my digi images.


From yesterday, I would like to thank the ladies at the Cupcake challenge for Mr Random choosing lucky me for my gift voucher of £10.00 worth of digital products, thank you xx 

So even though at work we are in the middle of an OFSTED inspection, I am so far this week, feeling great, and hope you all are too.

Last week, the messy scale was very busy and there were loads of takers for the empty positions on the messy scale table.  I had a great time visiting you back to see your messy work areas.  Of course it is only for fun, so when duplicate's for the scale came in I just added them to the list.  The full list is below for your further interest and so you can visit to see what you think.

However, think that the list should be refreshed for this week, as those that were high scored last week may be very tidy and low scored this week.  So I will if you like, be taking your scales again this week for viewing next week etc.

Here is last weeks messy scale 1 = Tidy and 10 = bomb site

1/10      no one felt they were tidy last week (which is good for us crafters)
2/10      again no one felt they were even a tiny bit messy
3/10      I felt I sat here last week
4/10      Sue from ScoopyStuff fitted right in here
5/10      Our very own Julia from The Stamping Ground, placed herself middle for diddle
and was joined by
5/10     Joanne at Mytobyjug
6/10     Tina B from Tinascraftyplace rated herself in this position
as did
6/10      Morti from Coupdemain
7/10      is Alison30 from Alicardmaking
along with
7/10      Darcy from Art-And-Sole
Now there is a big interest for the next spot with three challengers
8/10      Andrea from Where Can I Buy Time
8/10      Mustavacoffee (hope this is a pet name) from MustAvCoffee-Craftymusings
8/10      Anne from  LiverpoolLou
9/10      Helen from Stampingbyh is almost one of our messiest crafters she says.
and the messiest from last week
10/10   Kate from Noseycritters

Now you would think that the list would stop there wouldn't you, well no actually, as Donna from Doings of Doone explained proudly that she is off the scale.  So a suggestion would be we might all want to pop over to check out her messy work place :)

Cannot wait to see how the list changes this week!! So where do you think you sit?

This week I think I am a 2/10 on the messy scale :) I am proud to be a tidy crafter, striving to make a mess, as I can always improve the mess

So here are my photo's for you this week
This is the memory box I am in the process of creating, I do a little now and again, so as to not rush and spoil it's creation, the paper at the side is my paint pot, I know I could get the proper one out to use, but well then I would have to wash it and this way I just throw the paper away and it is scrap paper too, so recyling :)
This is a straight on photo from a slight angle (hey if you think I am killing myself standing on my hydraulic spinning bar stool, think again)

and finally
This is the wall directly behind my chair.  Oh I do really need more shelving 
(darl if your reading this could we take a trip to B & Q for some more wood, I will do the painting honest xxxxx) oh what a selection and more overflowing in the MSE pocket boxes too now 

(mental note to good conscience, stop buying stamps!!!!! bad conscience, "oh but there are so many nice ones out there and you would not want them to think you don't like them") :) ......................

Thank you to every one of you who visits and leaves me such wonderful comments they make every day special and I cannot wait to come visit all of you WOYWW snoopers, have a great blog hopping snooping day all of you

Now as always I will rely on the very clever Mr. Blogger to publish this post, he is so clever don't you think?  I will link via the mobile at some point tomorrow, I promise.

Take Care all
Kate xx


Annie said...

Really love your stamp shelves. My room has to be kept at a steady 2-3/10 for mess or I doubt my customers just wouldn't come back :-)
A x

Helen said...

I love the shelves, hope you get some more.

Carolynne said...

love your shelves and the fab array of stamps. I am definitely a 10/10 this week


Sheila said...

Like those shelves of stamps. You always need more stamps! Happy WOYWW!

JoZart Designs said...

You are heading for a 1+ defo not good enough for a 2!!! I am almost glad I was away last week so showed no pics but this week I'm at least a 9+ for sure, never mind eh, it make other WOYWWers sigh with relief when they see mine.
JoZarty x

Nancy said...

Wow that's alot of stamps

Thanks for sharing

Sew This N That said...

I would love to be a 9/10 but alas until I get a craftroom I will have to stay as a 2/10 crafter lol.
Love your array of stamps! Are the unmounteds ok out in the sun and stood on their sides?
*hugs* Heather x

Joey said...

Kate Hun DO NOT EVER STOP BUYING STAMPS! its a SIN you know lol, I hope you have been to b&q and got more shelves to fill lol. Love the idea of a memory box. I think this week I am well above 10!!! lol. Joey.x

Spyder said...

You must've missed my messyness last week... so glad I sneaked under the radar!
Have a great woyww

Andria said...

What a lovely craft space, super jealous of your shelves, I would love to put all of my stamps out on display.

nerllybird said...

But do you USE all those stamps? Lol! I don't use all mine, but I'll get around to it eventually...

Serendipity Stamping said...

Cool shelves with stamps set on an angle.

Mishelflos Paper Creations said...

Never mind the Stamps!! I love the colour you have used to paint your shelving:)

I do love the stamps too:)haha
Michelle x

cheryl said...

oh wow lots of stamps and the way you have them stored is brilliant hugs cheryl x

Carola Bartz said...

I love your shelves of stamps, that is so neat, you can see all your stamps. That is awesome!
And my desk is a 3.5/10 this week. Because it can be way worse than this.

Unknown said...

i am still a clean tidy desk !!! havent had much of a chance to craft

great space, thanks for the snoop

judie xx

Bluefairy4U said...

Love all your shelves with the stamps, bit like a shop I used to go and buy my stamps from. Easy access so clever you I bet you have more. Lovely and neat.I would say I would be 4-5 on your scale. Love JO.xxxx

Daniele said...

great shelves full of yummy stash thanks for the peek

Michelle said...

Evening Kate,
thanks for sharing your desk. I love your stamp shelves and obviously your stamps!
Hope you had a great WOYWW!

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

I love those shelve and I love all the stamps even more. I can't wait to see your finished memory box.
I think I'm a 6/10 this week!!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Not only is your desk tidy, I love those shelves. I'm 2 on the scale this week. Maybe next week, I'll be even more tidy.

Sorry I'm late this week. I had a required tutorial to post yesterday, so am running behind. happy belated.

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