Tuesday 30 November 2010

A Pure Christmas Scene

Hello everyone out there in the land of blog

I hope that you are all home safely and my thoughts are with you if you are not yet

This is the scene outside my Beach Hut window, so pretty isn't it.  However, I suppose I am writing a post to take my mind of Matt who is currently stuck not moving trying to get into Grimsby off the motorway

As I speak I may loose electric as the power is coming on and off so I better be quick

but here is a glimpse of New Waltham in Grimsby

So look after yourselves and stay safe

Hugs Kate xx

edited - Matt is home safe, thank you all for your kind comments


sam21ski said...

Hiya Kate, hope Matt has arrived home safely by now. It took me 2 hours and 20 minutes to get home from work and it was quite scarey.

Can't believe how much snow is falling and it's still at it now.

Take care for the rest of the week xxxx

Miria said...

Hi, Kate. Stunning photo! Here it's raining, even if the weather forecast predicts snow. I hope your husband can arrive soon. Good night. Miria

Sue said...

Hi hun
aww it does look pretty but not when you have to drive in it, hope you dont lose your lecy, & Matt gets home ok. Hun i no see the beach though???? lol, keep warm hun.xx

Sue said...

hahahah cant wait to see hun!!!! hehehehe you crack me up.xxsue.xx

Jane (Carroll's Creations) said...

It does look beautiful but I hate this weather. Took Paul AGES to get home tonight and I am always on tenterhooks until he's back.

Hope Matt made it home ok today chick

Hugs Jane xxxx

The Dolphin Inn said...

Hope Matt made it home safe and sound and you are both tucked up warm and cosy today , lovely photo xxx

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