Tuesday 22 December 2009

What a lovely xmas present - An Honourable Mention on "Lets Get Shabby" Challenge

Good evening everyone,

hoping you are driving carefully in this crisp, cold weather and wrapping up warm.

No photo's today just a catch up.

The ladies at work laugh at me every morning as I arrive, with my hat, scarf and gloves (which change daily) they think I own far too many.  Well my excuse is that if I had to clear my car I would be warm doing it and if I had to sleep in my car I would also be warm.  At my age the, what you look like bit, has already started to go out the window.

My colleague made me laugh this morning, she arrived in the car park and skidded to a halt, so parked her car where it stopped.  Luckily I was able to steer my car to a comfortable straight ish position.

Although I did have lots of work planned this week, unfortunately the weather is preventing that work arriving on my desk, so I feel quite relaxed.

The washer man arrived with the wrong parts (that he ordered) and then realised that something else had broken.  No washer for xmas (oh my gosh) won't get fixed now till the 29th December - ooooo well no washing or ironing.

And finally I am so excited and thankful to receive an Honourable Mention on the "Lets Get Shabby" Challenge 6, with my very first submission, xmas just doesn't get any better than that.

So with a smile on my face and happiness in my heart, I am going to make myself a cup of peach tea and sit myself down to relax. (Before I do the husband's head in)

take care all

Kate x


Paper Paradise said...

Hey Kate, just saw it and was going to email you! Woooooooooooh well done yoooooooooh and very well deserved too, it is so beautiful. You must let me see it in real life one day! You have just zoomed on with your creativity in the short time you have been crafting, keep it up! x

ARTfulWings said...

Hi Kate - hey lovie very well done and congratulations on your Honourable Mention - really was a beautifully decorated box. Take care Polly xx (left a comment last night so dont quite know where that went)

Ruth Philps said...

Hi Kate, Congrats on your HM!!

There has to be nothing worse than washing maching problems...yuck!! (except perhaps for all the ironing afterwards!!)

I love your layout the details are superb..I made it big so I could see the sea shells and lace etc!Absolutely beautiful...I do feel sorry for your sister though no electric???? Man she must be washing by hand!! But yay no ironing!!

Thanks for playing alng with us at Shabby:)

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