Sunday 7 February 2010

Masculine Male Monochrome Birthday Card

Good afternoon all

I would like to welcome Lisa to my little corner of blog-land, I hope she smiles along with everyone else each time she reads a post, that is if my life can manage to find me something humorous to write each time I post......

For those of you who have been following my National Grid Men and their related works along with the problems they are causing every one down our little Crescent.  I thought you might like to know, that today whilst trying to get into the car to go shopping for a birthday present for the neighbour, I noticed that not only can the men not keep the mud in it's normal location but also that they have managed to smear it all up the perimeter fence in several places.  Mike my son mentioned that on Friday they had actually hosed down the street, well actually I think they just swished it about and lifted some more of the tarmac.  So here for you all,  is the lovely view from the Beach Hut window currently.  (I also have one of those delightful yellow things outside my kitchen door, it also has its own supply of mud)

Delightful isn't it

Well smiling away to myself as I read everyone's blog posts and one made me think that maybe I ought to post the fact that I have intentionally bought some little sugar coated mini eggs (like the ones in the house mouse stamp) no not to throw at Matt to see if I can hit his mouth first time.  But to plan to create an Easter basket and place them in it.  Problem is no started the basket yet and Dancing on Ice is on tonight, I believe that the chocolate location in the fridge is currently bare!!!!!!! (must try to restrain myself)  Hands off - there mine, hehehehehe................

So as the neighbour has a birthday I needed to create him a card.  Our neighbour never stops decorating his house, he is always on something so I felt that this cute stamp really went well for him.  So I created a masculine card and I really do like the monochrome effect at the minute.  After creating it and just before starting to colour, Matt actually said it would look better not coloured.  I tend to agree with him.

This was not planned to meet a challenge and for once I am not going to see what it could meet.

So here it is with a photo of the inside, which I always create but do not always photograph.  The inside is a reversal of the outside just using up the left overs, as I hate waste.

The background paper is actually silver circular holographic card, it has picked up the turquoise of the Beach Hut, in places.

Well going to run the bath, style the hair (ish), tea will then be ready so will eat and see what time is left before Dancing on Ice.  If time allows may go and a few more of my MSE stamps into their new home. (I bought lots of wage envelopes and DIY CD box to sort them out into - still loads to do)

Well enjoy the remainder of your Sunday and for those of you who watch it, enjoy Dancing on Ice..... I was asked recently if I had a favourite and yes I think "Mikey" but I am not sure if he will win.

Take care all and happy crafting and posting

Hugs Kate xx


Joey said...

Hiya Kate

fabulous card, I agree the image is better with these tones uncoloured, your neighbour will love it, the outside on your street made me laugh, we have demo workers here and the mess is driving me mad! still one block of flats is now gone :O)

Mikey is my fave too

ARTfulWings said...

How nice is that to have outside your home - I'd be going bonkers!!! Nice card Kate - I struggle with male cards probably why Hubby never gets any :O). Hurry up with your Easter basket - just about finished mine and currently has 4 Kinder Surprise eggs in it - whats the betting there is only 2 by the time I blog :O). OOoh our WOJ stamps may arrive tomorrow - hmm after stamping and colouring may only be 1 kinder surprise left :O) see you soon lovie (next batch of Tilda stamps should arrive early March) XX

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