Wednesday 3 February 2010

Flashing Decoupage Porsche Male Birthday Card

hiya all

I did not even give you time to miss me

Guess what - the Gas was back on when I got home, and Mike cooked tea - heaven..... we had eggs, bacon and chips with brown sauce, even better as I did not have to cook.  I washed up two pans and then it struck me....................................

well actually almost forgot a birthday (how awful of me) thank goodness I have a selection of stash bits and a fab hubby to search for pictures on the web for me. Actually think this card is more his idea than mine.  Let me explain that bit.  

Matt found the image, he sent it to print.  He cut out the top layer.  I layered the base grey card stock and layered the first total image down.  I created the computer generated sentiment and layered that.  Whilst Matt had an inspirational moment.  He wanted to add a gem behind the lights to make them look real.  I reminded him of the fiber optic bits stolen out of one of Mike's birthday cards.  Matt doctored the fiber optics and we stuck them down and added our foam bits to the correct height and hey presto one interesting and unusual decoupage male birthday card. 

How does one photograph this you say? well Matt said to take several photos in quick succession on my new camera with that function bit (laughs, can't remember where it said the button was for that) but pretended I knew what I was doing and the photo's do actually show it, in a fashion.....

Here is the card with several shots, if you look closely you will see different lights on different sides of the car in different shots.    

a close up of the fiber optics

Mike thinks Jay will be impressed, I think it is quite funky

well might be back again with a Xmas card before the weekend, 

ps has been snowing again, this time it rained and washed it away before I had chance to take a photo

take care all

Hugs Kate xx


sam21ski said...

WOW What a fab card and just love those head lights

If you need snow photos call in, there's plenty here, we haven't had any rain so it's still all in tact!!!! Wouldn't bother bringing your ruler yet though!!!!

Caroljenks said...

What a great card Kate!

Thanks for visiting my blog and saying such nice things :)

I will pop back over here after work tonight to have a proper look-see at your creations (I think I'm loving your wedding memory box already!)

You asked what photo program I use - I have Adobe but only use it for cutting pics and adding my watermark.....I hear it can do loads more but I've never tried!!!

'see' you later :)

Carol x

Paper Paradise said...

Great how Matt is so into 'helping' bless him. Do you have to pay him? Glag you are back 'cookin with gas' too. x

The Dolphin Inn said...

very cool male card Kate - the fibreoptic idea is inspired XXX

The Dolphin Inn said...

very cool male card Kate - the fibreoptic idea is inspired XXX

The Dolphin Inn said...

cool male card Kate, the fibreoptic idea is inspired, glad all has been sorted with the gas XXX

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