Saturday 8 May 2010

Sunglasses Needed Again - For this Card Handbag

Hello crafting buddies in blogland
Yes you might need your sunglasses on again to view this, and I have decided to put my sunglasses away after this as the weather in the UK does not require them.

You know my poor garden must be thinking I do not care, when I actually do, but just cannot get out to do anything.  It is so cold at the minute and has done nothing but rain hard all day.

My DH Matt went fishing this morning - only just got back, he did not come last but is very damp - to say the least.

I suppose I was lucky this morning, I picked up my two parcels and headed off to the post office, in a what you might call a pretty PINK car.  (My car is purple, so where does the pink come from.  Well that is easy the next door neighbours have a blossom tree and with the lovely rain, my car is covered in it - grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)  Managed to get into the post office and out, back into the PINK car and set off for the Hobby House.  Driving along at a reasonable speed (speed limit kept to) and my car was like a wedding car, the poor drivers behind, kept getting covered in confetti as the blossom dried out and blew off my car.  Jill didn't half laugh when I told her.  I only just made it in when on the roof you could hear it throwing it down, so bad that you could hardly hear each other talk.

Anyway enough of all that lets get the sunshine bit over with so we can at least feel summery
My DH Matt, said that if I was going to make things they at least needed to be useful.  Good idea.  So having to make a holder for the last card, as most of my cards do not fit in envelopes, I decided to have a practice at making a handbag for "Our Vintage Affair Challenge" of handbags.

Glasses On Now!!!!

So here is the handbag for my last card to sit in, for Mike's girlfriend.
Glasses Off (Just a quick flash really)

Bling swirls from the Hobby House this morning, papers and flower from Running with scissors, base orange card from local superstore and the MS double loop punch for the frill around the flap.  Ribbon for bow and handle can't remember and little handbag charm from Tilly's (please see the link above for where I shop).

So now off to produce a handbag to store a birthday present mug in.  Got some delish new stash from Hobby House this morning, must go play.

Enjoy the rest of your day and thank you all for your recent lovely comments, some which really made me smile.

Chow for now

Kate xx


sam21ski said...

You are so funny, love your little pink blossom tale. Know exactly how you feel though because my black car has been a bit 'pink' the last few days as our neighbours have one too!!!! Martin washed mine late this afternoon once the rain had stopped and it had slightly dried up, so for the moment I'm back to black again!!!!!

Hope Mike's GF loves the bag - it's stunning.

Becky said...

Ha ha!! Your car sounds fantastic Kate!! I bet you had everyone wondering what that pink stuff was lol!!
Gorgeous handbag, by my standards that's not bright at all lol!! I lOVE bright!!
Thanks for your lovely comments on my scrapbook LO... it's just a shame the poor little Snow Bear had to melt... it was like The Snowman all over again (and that always makes me cry!!)

Marianne's Craftroom said...

You have brightened my day, and with this weather we need to see something bright. Love your story, wich the Hobby House was near me.

This is gorgeous, I love it. What a great idea rather than just a box. Marianne x

Becky said...

OMG Kate... never seen Bambi as that bit would just send me into an avalanche of tears... and as for Watership Down... OMG just the thought of 'Bright Eyes' sets me off... LOL!!

Deb said...

what a truly fabulous creation, I just love it. The colors are great and the 'bling' really makes it. Thanks so much for the lovely comments you gave on my blog. I appreciate it.
Happy Creating

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