Wednesday 21 July 2010


Well what is on my work space this Wednesday, 
oh lots of rubbish, 
I have been so committed to making a mess this week and even score myself 
on the messy scale.  I must hoover the glitter off the floor it is getting everywhere, literally. It reminds me of sand and you know how far that travels!

So this week what have I got to show you,  well last week I was a little nasty I think.  I took photo's of my new house mouse stamps but not so you could see them, so thought I would show you them this week.  But first wanted to show you something that I see each day at the moment out of my Beach Hut window.  

These are the lilies and flowers in the raised bed that I look out on each time I am in my craft room.
Isn't nature wonderful, or it would be if the plant on the bottom left (kiwi) would enjoy the sun a little more and stop growing lots of branches and produce just one little fruit :)  please...............

So onto those house mouse stamps, here they are
oooooooooooooooooooo yummy....................  Please note (pardon the pun) that these are all related to writing to someone, yep I thought about making two with each image and creating a notelet gift box, keep your eyes peeled and eventually I will post it..............

My next image is of my flower draw, which now is that full that I cannot half the time find what I am looking for and my newest delivery is still in it's box awaiting decanting :(
oh just look at them all, oh I wanted to go play with them all now :0
This is my new deliver from Wild Orchid, for another special memory box - mental note - must not  open or use till the job they were ordered for is complete.  (therefore must get on with order quickly)

Now this is work in progress, it is another wedding request order with specific colours, it uses three 12 x 12 sheets of designer paper, with 6 base card stocks and another two 12 x 12's for the contrast, will post shortly, but then this is what made the mess, just look at this

see mess :)  all that twirly rubbish from the finger lift tape oh are you not proud of me this week, chuffed to bits with myself 
PS  took photo and then cleaned up :(

and this is where I ran out of room, so worked stood up and used the chair for the paper

and yep the bin is overflowing - my I am doing well this week, maybe I should increase my messy score to 8/10 what do you think?

hehehehehehe  I love joining Julia and her followers with the WOYWW you should give it a go, if you have not already, it suits those that are extremely messy or extremely nosey :0

Thanks to all of you who have recently left such lovely comments.

Mr Blogger will as always post this for me whilst I am at work tomorrow, and I will try link during my lunch

Hope you all have a lovely day
Hugs Kate xx


Helen said...

What a beautiful garden!! Love the house mouse stamps - yes I was one who wanted to see them - I don't have any of those 3 - they are fab....

Kathy said...

I love the idea of committing yourself to make a mess! sounds the perfect excuse for getting down and crafty!

Your garden looks like something out of a glossy magazine!

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Gorgeous garden and thank you for the snoop around your work space this week. Lots of lovely things to look at and a girl can never have too many flowers!


Cath Wilson said...

Still not messy - it's organised chaos, lol. Looks busy, though. Great House Mouse stamps - I do have a weakness for them, despite not being a cute fan.

Sue said...

Hi Kate
oh gorgeous garden, aww lovely House Mouse stamps, now if you need help homing the flowers, i will always offer to help hun!!! lol, have great day, sue,x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Your garden is lovely. And so well kept. I like how you rated yourself and even waited to clean up. Have a perfect 10 WOYWW.

Karen McAlpine said...

Lovely view. I am a gardener too! Have a great day.

Julia Dunnit said...

Ah Kate, my plan is working - you are falling under my messy spell - world domination is coming to me!!! Trouble is, you only th ink you're and clearing up doesn't really qualify! However, your desk is fsascinating and I look forward to seeing these finished projects. Love your view, absolutely no advice about the Kiwi!

Unknown said...

You have done yourself proud this week Kate ... but who's Janet??? *LOl*

Paper Paradise said...

You have to be messy to be creative, so just enjoy the mess! Talk about 'flower power', I would not be able to stop myself ripping them out of the packaging! x

Unknown said...

You should have left it at Janet ... it tickled me ... I am still chuckling now :0)

Spyder said...

Love those flowers, will have to get some of those, fabbelous! Love tose little mice too Have a crafty WOYWW

Lynsey said...

Hi Kate, loved looking at all your photos! The sentiment on my surfer card was printed on to digital paper using a font called 'Everytime I Miss You'. It was a free download so if you google it you might find it.
Hugs Lynsey x

Annie said...

Sorry I'm late calling in this week. I'm having a really manic week and even had to pop to see my elderly neighbour in hospital last night [only a 62mile round trip :-)].
Gorgeous flowers inside and out and I would score your desk much higher that 7/10 :-)
A x

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hmm I think it's a lot lower than 8/10. Lots of lovely flowers, real and otherwise
Anne x

donnalouiserodgers said...

noo only a three - must try harder - go see headmistress Julia!

love looking into over and under your desks!


Sid said...

Great seeing your stuff and place !! Love all of it !!

Chrissie said...

Lots of fabby pics to look at. I don;t know if I would get much crafting done with that beautiful view to look at!
The WIP looks ace!

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