Wednesday 1 September 2010

WOYWW and a brief Messy Scale

oooooooooooh nearly forgot to post, don't you just love the Bank Holiday but hate it when you sort of miss a day lol xx

Hello to my new follower Anniejuk who joined me the other day in my little section of blogland.

So today sees another of the fabulous days at WOYWW and if you are new to this exciting event please pop over and see the creator of such fun the lovely and talented Julia at the Stamping Ground
I know that this is not a photo of my Beach Hut and crafting area, but I thought you all might like to see where I write my posts.  This is my office.  In front of you is my little computer and over the other side is the husbands.  I get to talk to him as I blog hop etc.  Just out of the photo is where my son sits with his computer too.  The bit in the middle is the double size breakfast bar, not used for breakfast in this room but it made a perfect work space for the office.

So onto the Messy Scale for last week which goes as follows:

1/10 - I was so tidy that I only warranted a 1/10 on the messy scale
several tied for second place
2/10 - Elizabeth and Bleubeard from Alteredbooklover
2/10 - Judie at Judie-Ijustloveartymess
2/10 - Heather who says she would love to be a 9 but does not have a craft room as yet, from cardscrafts4u
3/10 - Wipso from wipsio-astitchintime
3.5/10 - Carola from Carolabartz
4/10 - no takers
but at 
4.5/10 - Jo from bluefairy4u
5/10 - no takers
7/10 - no takers
8/10 - no takers
9/10 - no takers
and again at
9.5/10 - Jozart from jozartdesigns
10/10 - Carolynne from carolynnesblog

No Joey said she was well over the 10/10 so maybe we should pop over and check out her creativity as you know that a mess means lots of stuff to see, so pop and see her at Joeysworldofstuff

I would like to say thank you to all of my recent visitors who have left me some really nice comments which allow me to do some more blog hopping.

Well enjoy your snooping today and hope that something somewhere inspires you on your travels

Happy WOYWW day
Kate xx


Joey said...

Hiya Hunny

OOOOOOH I looked at breakfast bars for my craft space originally I came very close I think its the wideness of them. Its nice you can all sit and talk together tho, I think thats a nice benefit.
LOL I was well over last week, this week I may even impress I'd figure a score of above 3/10 maybe 4/10 lol.

Have a good day.

Sue said...

Hi ya hun
fabby pic, lovely space, im sorta in the middle next weel but its very tidy at the end of the day, as i have to put it all back in the van!!! lol.Have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x

Annie said...

Lovely office space. I have titied up and painted this week so hopefully I can move up the scale for tidyness today :-)
A x

Unknown said...

Great to see another part of your space!

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

What a fab office/family space, the internet must be on overdrive when you are all in there!

I'm definitely a 1/10 this week as I'm so tidy I've amazed myself!!

Have a great day...xx

JoZart Designs said...

oooh! that big black emptiness just waiting for me to mess up!
Thanks so much for my 9.5-10 grading last week, I'm proud of it!!! I think I rate a bit round mid way this week after my desk clearing and even if I've crafted on it already, it's still not bad bad!
JoZarty x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I guess I'm a 1 this week, since I crafted in my driveway and have NOTHING on my craft table.

I'm glad to see another person who does not craft around their computer. I always worry when I see the computer in the same space as the craft space. It makes me nervous, what with glue, paint, etc. Glad to see your "other" desk this week. Happy WOYWW.

Cath Wilson said...

LOVE your messy scale and I reckon you score a measly 0/10 for this one, lol, whereas I probably score a 8/10 for this week but usually well over a 10/10, he, he. I need to tidy this week, though - sadly. Happy WOYWW! Cath x

Phree said...

Great office space, happy WOYWW Day.

Julia Dunnit said...

Actually, if you have to all be on a computer, better to be all in the same room I think! Love the breakfast bar arrangement - nice to see where you chat to us from. Hey - I think this week I may only be about 6 out of 10!!

Cath said...

Love your other desk, not sure if I like the idea of my oh on the computer next to me ;)


Anonymous said...

Lol, love the rating scale! I think I'm quite low this week, not that I'm ever too high mind you! Great office space and nice that you can all share it.


Carola Bartz said...

Oops - well I just sent you an email and of course right after that, everything works fine again! Happy WOYWW.

Spyder said...

Well I'm definitely not on the list coz it's no t my desk, but it could do with a dust!! Your looks lovely and shiny!! have a good woyww

Louise said...

Great space - his and hers computers on either side of the breakfast bar! Cool.

beautiful card you've blogged too!

Morti said...

Love your work Kate! Not sure where I sit on the scale this week - I would say definitely, firmly, at the tidy end!

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