Wednesday 22 September 2010

WOYWW and The Messy Scale

Hi all
and welcome to the mystery of the WOYWW now if you are not sure what I am on about then pop over to see Julia, the creator of this amazing phenomena at "The Stamping Ground", it is where all the best crafting snoopers gather.

Today's post will be very brief and I will not get this linked till late afternoon, although the very kind Mr Blogger will publish it for me whilst I am having my annual hospital sleep. Then the DH will be playing nurse for the afternoon, keeping me topped up with the food, I have not had for the past two days.....................Gosh I am so hungryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy............... moving on!!!! oh and nothing to worry about btw.

This is a bit of my mess not much as I am quite a tidy person but I have not rated myself this week as due to the anesthetic I may not get to visit many of you till much later, that is if I get myself linked up.
This is me stood in the corner trying to show you the length of the work bench.
These are my HOOKS and I have recently topped up the lace and ribbon.
Wow that photo was very colourful don't you think?  At the end of the work bench is a little pile of mags and some stuff I am working on, the blue bag well I really must return to that bag and create something from what is in there.

Now before I forget there are a couple of more days till my CANDY runs out so pop over here to get your name on the list, I will be drawing it shortly.

Here is the current update on the

Messy Scale

Now for those of you who have not joined in before all you need to do is leave a comment on this post saying where you feel you fit on the messy scale, it is all in the name of fun.  
0/10 is squeaky clean 
10/10 is a happy crafter with all that mess on the desk and everywhere else too.

Now last week Suzanne was off the scale at the low end as she was absolutely spotless

coming in at 0.5/10 was Elizabeth and Bleubeard, (loved the commenting on the other messy scale contenders last week just fab to read and made me giggle) thanks
1/10 was Ciara
2/10 was Phree
squeezing in the middle was 2.5/10 Sarah
followed by 3/10 Sue
4/10 was Joey
and half way with 5/10 was Pam
6/10 is where Carola sits
and I had a gap at 7/10
at 8/10 was Andrea (who reckoned she was a 10 but Elizabeth and Bluebeard said no to that and that she was an 8.5/10, so on looking across the board she came out at an 8)
at 8.5/10 was Crafty Musings
with no takers for the 9/10 spot
10/10 this week was Anne

and on the floor and right in the middle of a good old mess was Donna of Doone sometimes this is a good place to be!

although Claire sort of is also off the scale as she spreads herself around the house

but don't forget usually the messier you are the more creative you are and some may use the brush it to the side technique and others (like me) the sweet it on the floor technique but we all have our ways of continuing to make more mess.

Have a happy WOYWW day



Lizzybobs said...

loving your tidy desk - and your messy floor - thanks for sharing and hope hosp visit goes well lv Liz (24)

Carolynne said...

Your space looks really tidy and I love the hooks. Today I am maybe a 7/10 cause I did tidy a wee bit yesterday. Hope everything goes well today
Take care

No 58

Sue said...

Hi hun
hope all went ok today, was waiting for blogger this morn thought hed forgotten! lovely piccies, luv the hook with all the ribbons on,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x (3)

Helen said...

Hope you're ok?! Love your (scheduled) desk today. (19)

Miria said...

Hi, Kate. I agree with you saying that I can't create if my craftroom - and my house - is not all in a mess. Actually, I promised my hubby I'll tide up my craftroom that is also his computer room: I hope I can do it! Best wishes for the hospital. Hugs. Miria

Sew This N That said...

Hope all is well today babe :)
*hugs* Heather x (41)

Louise said...

I love your HOOKS! They look really pretty with all the ribbon and lace!

peggy gatto said...

glad to see you have a "pile' TOO!!!

Anonymous said...

Lol, love the feather duster, you obviously keep the place really spic and span! Hope the hospital visit goes ok too. I'm definitely off the messy scale this week, but in a really bad way, I reckon I'm about a -3 on the ultra clean side of it!

Brenda (88)

Carola Bartz said...

I love your messy scales! Mine is still 6/10.
Your HOOKS are awesome! What a wonderful idea. I should think of something like that!

JoZart Designs said...

Hope the hospital trip went well for you.
Great mix of space today with tidy and heap! Love the ratings this week and I'mm relived I didn't feature as a top mess... I'd worry more min you if I was anything past 5 on the list!
JoZarty x

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Hope by now you are not groggy or hungry and all went well. Anesthetic can be scary, so please be OK. I have no idea how you are going to rate your space this week. Between the neatness of the desk and piled high of the work bench, I'm not sure what to say (grin). Actually, I do know I love your ribbon storage area. Not only stylish, but very colorful, too.

I'm giving myself a 1 this week. I thought my desk was a bit cluttered looking with that big note book I left on the table. It was so big, Wendy was definitely able to hide in it. Feel good soon. Happy WOYWW (I'm #2).

Unknown said...

Love the hooks with lace and ribbon. I would steal th eidea if I knew where to find one.

Annie said...

I love the hanging ribbons. What lovely colours. With the army moving in this week I went from my usually tidy space to a mountain of camouflage and as my carpet is maroon they didn't blend in very well :-) Def a 7-8/10 for me this week.
A x

Spyder said...

Yes, I'm loving the hanging hooks too, great idea
Blogger is being very slow today, I'm typing and then having to wait three minutes for it to appear in the box!
Have a Happy WOYWW

The Taming of the Glue said...

Loving those hooks....might just have to get me some! Pam (6)

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Hi Kate, thank you for linking me up :-)
Love your hooks, a great way to display your ribbons as well as store them. I look forward to seeing what you make from the stuff in the bag.
I think my desk rates 5/10 this week. It'll never be 0/10!
Anne xx

Tracy Evans said...

Wow look at the light flooding through your window, gorgeous. You have a lovely tidy desk and I love your hooks display. Have a lovely evening, Tracy Evans, (17)

Cardmaking Galore said...

Really nice and airy work space! 18

Sunshine Girl said...

Hope the hospital appointment went well and you are eating lots now! I guess I could squeeze in on position 7 this week - I am not overly messy (not to my usual current standard anyway) but I do have stash on my desk, in bags and on my dining room table and also a little pile of bits strategically placed by the side of the settee. Actually I dont know who I am trying to kid here - my house looks the same as always!! - Sunshine Girl (28)

Neet said...

Hope all went well for you.
Love thos HOOKS - fab and enviable - very enviable.#45

Candace said...

Love the ribbon 'hooks'

hugs Candace #43

Julia Dunnit said...

Lordy Kate, I think you may have to make a higher number for the off the scale types - I'm really excelling at it at the moment! Hope you're well fed and over it by now..sounds utterly horrid to me! And oh - 'topped up' the ribbon and lace? Just a bit!!

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

If your desk is messy then mine is definitely off the scale and I thought I was about a 7 or 8 this week.
Love the ribbon storage.

A.xx (38)

nerllybird said...

Well, I think my space is a little pool of 7 for about a two foot radius around my WIP! Helen (46)

Serendipity Stamping said...

Looks pretty tidy there. Hope you are doing well today.

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