Wednesday 15 September 2010

WOYWW and The Messy Scale

Hi all

this will be a very quick post this week as extremely busy at work and I apologise now if I do not get back to you all this week but felt I should at least post to answer Julia's comment and to list the Messy Scale

Julia is the founder of the WOYWW and if you don't know what I am going on about then pop over to the Stamping Ground to find out.

Just for you Julia, when everyone was concerned about my two green mats last week, you were not and for those of you who were, I have a glass one and a blue one too (they only come out to play for heat embossing and painting - sad I know)

Julie wanted to know what the little stamp was that was turned upside down at the back of my desk, would this be the stamp hun?
My husband bought me this so that I could personalize all my cards and creations  isn't he just the best I love it to bits and him as well.

Anyway onto the Messy Scale, where some confusion appears to have stepped in 

0/10 is so squeaky clean that the squeak would hurt our ears and 10/10 is that messy that you cannot actually work on your workspace.  I loved the comment last week on the sweep it back technique for clearing space and I actually go for the brush it all on the floor technique, what is your technique??

So last weeks Messy Scale looks like this

Elizabeth along with Bleubeard - well they fell off the end of the 0/10 as she was cleaning as she went, you go girl, just my style of creating.
1/10 -  Becky
1/10 -  Wipso
1.5/10 Me (well I keep trying to be messy honest)
2/10 -  Nikki
3/10 -  Sue
3/10 -  Brenda
3.5/10 -  Andrea
4/10 -  Jozart
5/10 -  Sunshine Girl
6/10 -   Marilyn 
7/10  - no takers
8/10  - no takers
9/10  - our very own Julia
10/10  - no takers

and Donna at Doone says she is well over at around 15/20 so maybe we all need to pop over to see her as you all know that a messy desk means so so so much creativity (lets go see what she is up to - to make all this mess)

Well that is me today other than to say hello to my new follower Troy, and welcome to my little section of blogland and hope I can make you smile along the way :) and thank you to all my lovely visitors who leave such lovely and interesting comments as they pass, thank you I love them all.

Mr Blogger will as always publish this for me whilst I am at work and I will try to mobile link it at some point during the day 

Have a happy WOYWW day

Kate xx


Joey said...

Hiya Kate

lovely looking stamp what a fab hubby :O) I reckon I am about a 4/5 this week lol


Pam said...

I would say I'm around 4 or 5 this week as wel Oops!Fab stamp. Hugs Pam x

Sue said...

Hi ya hun
think im still about 3 its not to bad, luv that personalized stamp, hubby has good taste eh,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x

G Peplow said...

Hello there Kate, your stamp is perfect and a lovely gift from hubby:) I love the idea of your messy scale and think I'm around an 8/10. The week before last, we discussed this and I'm afraid you agreed with me he he he!Have a lovely Wednesday :0) xx

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Lovely stamp Kate.
This week I'm definitely 10/10 and don't think I ever get lower than 4/10
Anne xx

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I love to look at neat desks. It makes me feel better, because I just can't work in clutter. I love your scale, and of course as you saw, now that I know how to count (grin), I have sort of rated myself on my blog this week. I'd say I'm a 1, since there is actually some candy and paper on the desk. Of course, the paper has now been put away, but there's still plenty of candy left in the rocking horse.

I think you are doing a great service with your rating system. I love it and look forward to visiting your desk each week.

Sarah said...

This week my craft room is probably a 2/10 (the mess tends to end up everywhere but my desk)
Great stamp

donnalouiserodgers said...

ooh I'm 18 on the scale this week cos I got paint on the floor from watering over my backgrounds and the dog ripped up his bed and then a snail walked through it all and traveled roung the house - and I was working on the floor cos the tables are full of Carp

and all I made were two backgrounds....I miss flipsyde - she makes me look tidy....

Dx (49)

Anonymous said...

Well you're so tidy this week I can't even see your desk! Lovely stamp though, it does your beautiful creations justice.


Sarpreet said...

beautiful storage, fab workspace,Happy WOYWW! Thank you for sharing your workspace (Linky number 19)

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Awe what a fab hubby!Well I thought i was a 10 this week, but Bluebeard and Elizabeth reckons I'm an 8.5!!


Carola Bartz said...

I love the messy scale!! I would say 6/10 for my desk today because I just dumbed all the stuff on the table (but I can still see everything!). Happy WOYWW - Carola, 112

Chrissie said...

Great personalised stamp, what a sweet hubby!

Claire said...

how does spreading craft stuff all over the house (like I do) rate on your scale? lol
Thanks for sharing
C (25)

Ciara said...

I might actually be a 1 this week, only because I haven't unpacked all my stash since 'doing' my craft room up!


Unknown said...

Hi Kate x Have sorted out that pic to your blog candy x Thanks for stopping by x Leigh x

Suzanne B aka brookfies said...

I think your "chart" of "messy" desks is great fun. Glad i stopped by.....I had a tidy up so I wont be in the running lol:

Phree said...

Love the messy scale, mind you I tend to hide my 0/10 bits of my room.

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