Tuesday 18 January 2011

Good morning bloggers

A short while ago my dear blogger friend June chose me as one of her 8 stylish bloggers. What an honour June and thank you so much. If you have not been over to see June's blog please do so she has two both are equally as interesting and unique  unwrapping my heart and dezina world 

 Part of the deal with this award is to share 8 things about yourself. So here goes (it took me a while to create this list)

1/ I am very lucky to have as my husband, my best friend and my best critic.  He says that I doubt my abilities and should consider that I am actually good at what I do.

2/ I have had many hobbies in life but creativity has been their in most of them.  At a young age I use to crochet and knit.  I moved on to cake decoration and then back to knitting taking a turn into ball gown making and finally to where I am today with card making, scrap book layouts and altered art.

3/ I have another best friend my baby Star.  She is a St. Bernard crossed with a lurcher, with the fluff that comes off her I could knit a jumper :)

4/ I have my very own craft room, with a lovely view of where I live. It is upstairs and has a big window for lots of natural light.

5/ I have many acquaintances in life and some true friends, one is getting married this year (must pull my socks up and get on with my creative list for her) one has been there for some time, but it was lovely to find her again more recently, and another is a recent friendship that I am sure will build over the years to come - I could mention so many many more but I would put you to sleep, but I have not forgot you all.

6/ I have been in my current job role for almost 14 years now but just over 10 in this contract of employment, it is challenging but then I do thrive on a challenge, stressful yes but that is where the crafting comes in.

7/ My son say's that I have to mention my attention to detail, probably because I spot everything and anything.

8/ On a health note - I cannot moan about my life as I could say I am living on borrowed time, I am lucky to still be enjoying life and take the rough with the smooth.  

Well thats my 8 things. Now i have to pass on to 8 other stylish bloggers. It is so hard to choose just 8 so I am sorry if you are not in the list, I could add so many more as you are all so talented, so I apologise if I have not chosen you on this occasion. 

Well think that is me for this morning and I hope to catch up with you all this evening

A quick thank you to all my lovely visitors who take the time to say hello and make me smile in passing

Hugs Kate xx


Sue said...

Hi ya hun
congratulations on your award well deserved, great 8 facts, i very glad your still with us so keep borrowing time,thank you so much for thinking of me hun im touched, will blog it later. Have great day, hugs, sue,xx

Curly said...

Thank you so much Kate I am both honoured and humbled by this award, I am at a loss for words and that doesn't happen that often lol

Take care,
Have a great week,
Hugs Bridget :) x

Mandy said...

Congrats on your fabulous award hunny, and thanks so much for passing it on to me mwah.
OMG you are even more talented than I realised mrs, such an amazing list of creative achievements, I need to come and stay and take lessons lol
big hugs Mandy xx

Anonymous said...

so lovely to read your eight things Kate.
have a beautiful and bright day
hugs June

sam21ski said...

Thanks for the award Kate. I don't think I'm doubly worthy of it though!!! You've put me on the list twice!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How sweet! Thanks Kate. Your a great person with lots of talent!


Marianne's Craftroom said...

What an interesting list Kate. Your son is right, that one should have been higher along with being very organised. Number 8 troubles me. I hope all is well. Hugs Marianne x

lorraine said...

Congratulations on your award and enjoyed reading your 8 things xxx

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