Wednesday 8 September 2010

WOYWW and the Messy Scale

Hello everyone

Today sees another exciting day over at WOYWW where all the regular snoopers meet, now if you do not know what I am on about please pop over The Stamping Ground, to meet our Julia the originator of "What's On Your Workspace Wednesday" and start to see what we all get up to in our craft areas.

Well last week I had tidied so I was so squeaky I sounded like a mouse, oh that reminds me to say thank you to Jane over at Jane's Lovely Cards, for clicking on Mr Random Gen and him picking me.  Little Betty Mouse with Candy Cane arrived safely this morning in the post and I cannot wait to ink her up.  I did apologies to Betty already as she is going to take some hammering, I can tell you, may be my other Henry and Betty stamps might get a little rest, but not too much. 

Sorry back to the workspace, so this week I am not clean and think I have moved up to a 2/10 on the messy scale, see what you think.
oh my now look at those stains on the work mat from the Tim Holtz distressing of those tags that I posted earlier.  It took me ages to clean it up, I really should use my glass one for this task in future, to save me the cleaning.    Now a closer look as I know you want to see what the four little squares are on the work mat.  If you are really good you might spot in the corner drying the memory box that has now been sprayed with its crackle glaze, it is cream :)
There you go, they are images I got from the Doncaster dome when I went last.  I have stamped them cut them out and distressed them ready for a future project.  I think  the images just stamped are really stunning.  

Anyway let us get down to business, who was at the top of the messy scale last week as I know I was at the bottom as my desk was not my craft desk as well as being clean.

0/10 - Me
1/10 - Andrea 
1/10 - Wipso
2/10 - Brenda
3/10 - Joey
4/10 - Carola
5/10 - Jozarty
6/10 - Our very own Julia
7/10 - no takers
8/10 - Cath
9/10 - no takers
10/10 - no takers

But Elizabeth says she could not rate herself as she was working in the drive way, but wow working in the drive way looked fun, and what she was doing looked great.

So that is me for today

thank you to all of you for your lovely comments on both my work and meeting my 100th follower, I am so thrilled so many of you take the time to visit little old me and I really appreciate it.

Happy WOYWW day to you and I will be hopping over to return your visits over the weekend so don't tidy up will you :)

Dont forget my celebration Candy for my 100 followers here

Hugs Kate 


Annie said...

Love what you're working on today. My messy space will go up the scale today cos it's gonna get a good hoovering in a minute :-)
A x

Sue said...

Hi Hin
wow lovely tidy desk, luv your ladies, oh think you need new work mat! lol, think im about 3 on the messy scale?? happy WOYWW, sue,x

Claire said...

ooh great looking desk there

Kate said...

Great desk. :0)
Kate x

Phree said...

Lovely craft space, lots of room there for playing with stuff. The images are gorgeous.

Mandy said...

wow you have so much craft space all the length of space, now I have counter envy!!! hehehe

love the messy scale too :)
hugs mandyxx


Phewww I'm glad I'm not the only one who does everything on their craft mat - mine is a colourful array of past creativity. I know I should probably move it but hey......

Minxy said...

Yeah definitely only a 2 on the messy scale, course if you want a challenge you can take all those scraps and make one of THESE

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Love the images on your desk this week, looking forward to see what you create with them.

Messy scale for me......well the bit you can see on my blog 1/10 but the bit you can't see 8/10 so I think I'll go for a 4/10 this week to even it up!!


Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

I would say yours is pretty neat, as usual. I really like how you always clean up after yourself.

Now I'm confused. Is 10 the messy or the neat freak? Because I am certainly either a 1 or a 10. I even cleaned up as I went along this week and my desk is how I found it, with nothing on it. Yep, I am the neat freak of the week, even though I had an entire project to share (grin).

donnalouiserodgers said...

As previously stated count me at a 15 - off the darned scale -


minnie_mac said...

It's only a little pile of messiness.

Love these images.


Sew This N That said...

Having trouble commenting today...stoopid blogger!
Your desk looks very tidy this week babe!
Love the images you have made :)
*hugs* Heather x

JoZart Designs said...

As Kermit says, "Half way up the stairs is the place for me!" love it and I think you go the grading spot on.... don't know bout this week though!?! I'd give you a 6 for sure! Thanks for the fun snoop,
joZarty x

cheryl said...

great desk you have here thanks for the snoop love cheryl xxxx

peggy aplSEEDS said...

wow, you have the space on your desk that i wish i had!

Sid said...

Nice tidy desk !!

Sarpreet said...

two craft mats - thats a first for me, fab workspace, Happy WOYWW, Thank you for showing us your workspace.

Michellee said...

WOW!!! Your desk is so tidy... I couldn't even imiagine it.. Thanks for sharing...

Sunshine Girl said...

Very tidy desk there - I would probably fit in the 7/10 category although my desk can, and does, get a lot worse!

Chrissie said...

Looking good.You're lucky to have the space for two craft mats! I must admit to being a trifle green with envy!

Ciara said...

Looks pretty tidy to me. Never seen anyone with 2 big cutting mats before!

Thanks for the nosey!


Becky said...

Nah, that's just a 1/2 or 1, not a 2. :) Lovely big space to play in!

Nikki said...

LOL at your messy scale I'm a 2
your space is just great love all those copics

Anonymous said...

Hhm, I really don't think you've made it off a zero today! I might have gone up to a 3 this week but will try and rectify that for next week, I don't like clutter!


Julia Dunnit said...

Oh my word, I could qualify for a 9 right now! Agree about those stamps - they are gorgeous. I wanna see the stamp facing up ion the far back of your pic - is that the prize you won?

nerllybird said...

You're right about those stamped images, they look wonderful. Can I ask why you no use distress inks on craft mat?? :D

Morti said...

*waves* Hi Kate

I'm a bit late getting round to most of the blogs this week, but heigh ho!

Everyone is so enamoured with the two cutting mats - I wonder if I'm the only one to spot the safety thread cutter?????

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