Saturday 26 September 2009

Altered Box

Good evening everyone. Hoping that you are all well and looking after each other.

I have spent the week on this little creation. As you can see I had my work cut out for me from the start. I am creating a 60th Wedding Anniversary Acetate Card and needed a box for it to sit pretty in. This was that box as it started out. What a mess.

I carefully peeled off the stickers. Prepared it and then used my Titanium White Jo Sonya paint and created a lovely white starting surface. I then started to get creative and here are the results.

It looks mint although my photography does not show it in it's best light.

Started on the Acetate Card this morning. It takes a lot of thought and you should see how much paper I have scattered around the floor. All that matching takes so much space. Thank heavens for the "Beach Hut". Well going to sit myself down with a lovely cup of peach tea, look after Matt who appears to have a touch of "man flu" and watch the dancing and x factor whilst relaxing sat on my massage chair.

Hope you all have a great evening and thanks for looking.
Kate xx


sam21ski said...

Looking good so far Kate, love what you've done to the box

Hope you have a chill out evening with your peach tea and hope Matt is soon feeling better xxxxx

ARTfulWings said...

Peach Tea!!! Hmmmm - anyway :O) love what you've done with the box - can't wait to see the card. Must be a day for altering - I've been playing too but the light has gone so it will have to wait until tomorrow before I can show, take care lovie xxx

Ruth Philps said...

What a beautiful box's so pretty and I love acetate cards they always look good..even for a non card maker like me!
ps: Thankyou for your sweet comments they always make my day.
Ruth xxx

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