Thursday 4 June 2009

My Brother Nick in Last Weeks Scrapbook Design

Isn't it funny, how sometimes you just feel right with something and other times you don't.

This was the pack from last weeks scrapbook class. I was unable to attend the class but went in to pick up my pack and worked on this at home over the last two nights. This one just feels much better than the last one. I am not sure if the last one felt not quite right as my photo's were smaller or if it is because it was the first vintagy one I had done. The comments on it were good, so maybe it is just my impression of something new.

Well have already viewed the colours for this weeks class and have located some photo's that I think will work with it. I am attending in the afternoon this week so I won't feel as I have to keep up and can relax a little more with it.

Well tomorrow is shopping night (no ladies not for crafty bits but the boring food stuff - such a pity) so will be back crafting on Saturday whilst "yes you guessed it - Matt is at a fishing match" wooohooooooo peace for me.


sam21ski said...

Some more fab photos Kate.

I am a tad disappointed though as this layout is mostly green and there's hardly any pink at all!!!!!

The Dolphin Inn said...

Awwww glad you liked this one better, all the cutting out phased some people out but I can see you did an amazing job, looks fab, I'll try not to drop any forum speak in my posts from now on, don't want you to think I am secretly swearing at you LOL ( I know you know what that one means ) XXX

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