Wednesday 10 June 2009

My Polly Class and Challenge

Wow........................... what can I say, Polly your just the best. Spent the evening with Polly and her little piece of heaven (her craft room and collection) Polly had designed a card which is so beautiful and contained so many different techniques and all for me to learn from. She had selected a beautiful array of papers and set the challenge of us creating a similar but slightly altered version. I have to say I think I was a little cautious when she presented the distressing tool (a little lethal looking but a proper implement never the less) I soon got the hang of it and sort of varied from the design when I got carried away. Have used lace (get me) twice today but each time in a different way. Learnt how to use a cropodile, I have always looked at those luverly PINK (sam) tools with no idea of what to do with them. Thanks to Polly I got to play with it and used it in two completely different ways. Loved the finished look and Polly you give anyone confidence to try something new. If you want to see Polly's finished cards go check out ~ARTfulwings~

Well Polly and I are both converts to Copics Ciao. Polly you really do need a fab holder like mine! collecting in a tub soon gets full as you are finding out. I explained to Polly that when completing a stamped image I tended to spoil it with the hair. Polly showed me how to colour and shade a Gor Juss stamp. Polly has so much confidence with her colouring and surprisingly enough I am only a little way behind. From now on I will remember my tips from Polly and also do the hair first, that is a good plan I think.

Thanks again Polly and remember to check out her finished creations at ~ARTfulwings~

Kate x


Paper Paradise said...

Wow it's great Kate, what a busy day you have had!!!! Polly is a natural with anything crafty. Her cards, scrapbooking, jewellery are all 'FANDABBIDOOBY'. I've still not tried copics but love the effect. Thanks for attending the class today too, it was a pleasure to have you there.
Sue x

sam21ski said...

Lovely card Kate and YAY no PINK!!!! Well done Polly for producing blue materials!!!

Seriously though, great card and it's good to get together with other people and share your ideas and skills. Is there another class today, I've got the day off!!!

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